Are you looking to compare baby swing vs rocker? By appearance they are not very different from each other, however their functionality is very different from each other. Purpose of both baby swing and rocker is the same. Both are used to soothe the baby. Both can make little baby relax and comfortable.

baby swing vs rocker by ibestbabyswingA lot of manufacturers are manufacturing baby swings and baby rockers. Even some manufacturers are making the combo of baby swing rocker. A baby swing rocker is the baby swing with detachable rocker. So you can enjoy the features of both baby swing and rocker in a single product. This combo product is also very beneficial for saving a lot of cost. Because purchasing these products separately will cost you very high.

In this article, we’ll highlight all the major and minor differences between baby swing and baby rocker. Then we’ll see the similar features between both of them. It will clarify all the doubts in your mind, and it will also help you in making a purchase decision about your little one.

Comparison: Baby Swing Vs Rocker

1. Baby swings have multiple swinging motions. Now a days, baby swings can swing in up to 5 different swinging motions. 1. Baby rockers make only one motion i.e. front and back rocking motion. They are like a rocking chair.
2. Baby swings doesn’t have vibration feature. However some manufacturers manufacture combo of baby swing and rocker, which contains vibration feature. But swing itself doesn’t have vibration feature. 2. Baby rockers have vibration feature to soothe the baby. Its vibration feature works on batteries.
3. Baby swings are very expensive as compared to baby rocker 3. Baby rockers are very affordable for everyone. If you have budget issue then it’s suitable for you.
4. Baby swings are very solidly built. 4. In most cases build quality is not as good as baby swings. But still you can also get superior quality rockers in market.
5. Baby swings are bigger in size as compared to baby rockers. So they’ll cover more space as compared to baby rockers. 5. Baby rockers are very compact in size. They are suitable for small spaces.
6. Baby swing is more comfortable as compared to baby rocker. 6. Baby rocker is less comfortable as compared to baby swing.
7. You can’t convert it into toddler chair. 7. It can be converted into toddler chair.
8. Baby swing let you adjust its seat’s reclining position at 2-3 different levels. 8. Most of the baby rockers contain stationary seat. Only few have seat adjustability feature.


Similarities between baby swing and baby rocker

  • Both baby swing and a baby rocker can be used right from the birth.
  • Both are used to soothe the baby and make him comfortable. In this way baby gets the same feel as he gets during the motions in his mother’s womb or in her arms.
  • Both contains removable toys to keep the baby engaged.
  • Both contains harness point safety. These are the safety belts that keep the baby safe from falling out.
  • Both contains machine washable seats. You can remove the seat and wash it in the washing machine.

Which one is better?

From feature point of view, we can clearly see that baby swing is far better than a baby rocker. But it is more expensive as well as compared to a baby rocker. Baby swing is a clear winner here. If you are confused in making a purchase decision then following points will help you in making that decision.

  • Look at your budget first. If your budget allows you then you should definitely buy a baby swing, without any second thought.
  • If you don’t have enough budget, then you should consider buying a baby rocker.
  • At the end, if you have high budget and want to avail the features of both baby swing and a baby rocker. Then you should go for baby swing rocker. Because baby swing rocker contains the features of both baby swing and a baby rocker.


Baby swing and baby rocker are two different devices.  Baby rocker contains only one rocking motion and a vibration feature. While baby swing is loaded with a lot of other features. But baby swings are expensive as compared to baby rocker.

So if you have high budget then should definitely go for baby swing. If you are short on a budget then you can go for baby rocker. If you want both of them then we’ll recommend you to buy a baby swing rocker, which is the combo of both baby swing and a baby rocker.

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