Are you looking for a comparison of baby swing vs bouncer? Some people think baby swing and baby bouncer are almost the same things, but still there is a difference in their functionalities. When we talk about the swing, it is a reclined seat with a tripod. Its seat can move mechanically with two different motions, a traditional side by side motion and a to-and-fro motion.

baby swing vs bouncer by ibestbabyswing When we talk about the bouncer, it is almost the same thing with some spring in the seat. These springs helps to bounce your baby manually, but some bouncers also have the electric vibration. Both can be used for 0 to 6 months old babies depending upon their weight. It’s difficult to answer that which one is better. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss the swings and bouncers separately to compare both.

Baby Swings

A baby swing can have two to five kinds of motions including the side by side, front to back, and vibrating motion. You can also control the speed and motions of the swings. Let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of the swing.


  • It has a variety of settings that help you to easily adjust the swing according to your baby’s mood. You can easily adjust the swing’s speed and motions according to your baby’s mood.
  • All the swings are perfectly designed to take your baby safety in mind. These swings can’t easily knock over.
  • The baby swings have portable and foldable features. So you don’t need to worry about the space in your home. If you have less space at home, you can easily fold it when it’s not needed.
  • The swings have different kinds of attachments to entertain your baby in the swing. Maximum number of swings has the special toy bar over the baby’s head to entertain them.
  • Moreover, the swings also have a built-in sound system to soothe your baby. Some swings also have the options for USB port depending upon their prizes.
  • Some swings like 4moms mamamroo are controllable with your smartphone via Bluetooth.


  • When we compare these devices with the bouncers, then baby swings are more expensive then the bouncers.
  • They are required the plug-in power or battery to operate completely.
  • Not safe for the baby during the long naps. You need to take your baby under observation during sleep.
  • The maximum baby swings shouldn’t be used when your baby reaches the weight limit of 24 lbs.
  • You can’t use baby swing, once your baby starts to climb out the swing or starts to sit up on its own.

Baby Bouncers

The bouncer is a kind of low-tech rocking furniture. It has only manual bouncing movement or some also include the electric vibrations. Let’s see some advantages and disadvantages of the bouncers.


  • The bouncers are usually smaller than the swings and take less space in your room as compared to the swing.
  • The bouncers are usually safer for your baby with low height as compared to the swings.
  • They also include the toy bars to entertain your baby in the swing.
  • Some bouncers also include the built-in music which is perfect to soothe your baby in the bouncer.
  • The bouncers are portable devices and can be easily moved from one place to another with low weight.
  • Bouncers are the perfect devices to encourage your baby to move his legs and arms.
  • Moreover, the bouncers have less price as compared to swings depending upon their features.


  • The bouncers have less movement and speed options as compared to the swings.
  • The bouncers are usually completely on batteries. So you need the batteries to operate the bouncer.
  • You can only use the bouncer for your six months old baby with 25lbs or less weight.


From the above mentioned comparison of baby swing vs bouncer, we can conclude that the swings usually have more features as compared to the bouncers. But from their advantages and disadvantages, we can say that both have their own benefits. Baby swing is expensive than the baby bouncer but it’s also better in soothing your baby, due to its more advance features.


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