Have you ever thought that how do baby swings work? Its mechanism is not that difficult as you may have thought. The only purpose of the working of baby swing is to create different motions to soothe baby.

How do baby swings work by ibestbabyswingA baby before his birth feels front and back motions in the womb of mother. Then after delivery a parents give different kind of motions to their baby in their arms. There is no comparison of the swinging in parents’ arms. But Parents can’t always give such motions to their baby. Because their arms can get tired or they also have to do daily routine work.

So to mimic such motions, manufacturers created baby swings that work on the same principle. Mostly baby swings work in two directions i.e. front-and-back and side-to-side. Now a days some baby swings can move up to 5 different directions. In this way baby can feel comfortable in a baby swing and can get the same feel as he gets in the arms of his parents.

Following features are responsible for baby swings to work

Power source

In the past baby swings were manual. You had to make them work by using your hand. But now, with the advancement in technology baby swings can work electronically. All the features of baby swing including swinging motions, music, and vibrations work either on batteries or on Ac adapter.

Some baby swings work only on batteries while some work only on Ac adapter. There are also some baby swings which supports dual power source i.e. both batteries and Ac adapter, you can use such swings with either plugin feature or by using batteries.

Vibration feature of baby swings work only on batteries, you can use this feature with Ac adapter. Some baby swings provide dual power option for some reasons. They give you an extra option so that you can choose depending upon your choice.

Ac power is suitable for saving cost, while batteries feature is suitable for portability. You can go wherever you want to go and take your swing along with you, because of batteries feature. Another reason for providing the batteries feature is to use vibrations of a baby swing.

Speed settings of swinging motions

As mentioned above, baby swing mimics different motions of parents’ arms. So a baby swing provide you an option to adjust the speed of that swinging motions as well. Most baby swings let you adjust the speed settings between 1-6 different levels. These speed settings make baby swings work at different levels i.e. fast or low.

You can adjust the speed level according to the comfort level of your baby. Every baby has different comfort level. Their comfort level also changes as they grow up. So with this feature you can adjust the speed according to your baby’s mood.

Music feature in baby swing

Now a days baby swings also contain a music feature, which is used to entertain the baby while swinging. It also let you adjust the volume level. Some baby swings come with only built in songs. But some baby swings give you an option of mp3 plugin, with this feature you can play the songs of your own choice.

Can be controlled with phone

With the advancement in technology, some baby swings offer Bluetooth feature. With this feature you can control all the baby swing’s functions with smartphone. These baby swings are usually expensive than the other swings.


Baby swings work with the help of batteries or an Ac adapter. They make different soothing motions to make baby relax. Just like the old manual baby swings, those baby swings used to move front-and-back or side-to-side with the help of hand. As you have to swing them manually.

Now automatic baby swings can get power through batteries or through an Ac adapter. They also move front-and-back or side-to-side, however few baby swings have additional swing motions as well.

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