Are you looking for a baby swing you can control with your phone? There are few manufacturers who have manufactured baby swings which are controllable with smart phones. These baby swings have built in Bluetooth feature in them. To control such swings, you have to download the given app into your phone. From that application you can control all the features of a baby swing using your phone.

Baby swing you can control with your phone by ibestbabyswing

These type of swings help you to control the swings from a certain distance. These are the perfect devices to save and time and energy. You can control different features of a baby swing with your phone. These features include sound, swing motions, vibration settings, and swing speed. Moreover, you can also turn on and off the baby swing with the phone control option.

Sometimes the remote controllers are also available to control the baby swing but you need to bend down to control such swings with the remote controller. But a phone control system can provide you a complete swing control option at any position with more distance as compared to the remote control swings.

Moreover, the phone control option is perfect to control the swing without disturbing your baby in the swing. The phone controllable baby swings are usually higher in price as compared to others. Let’s discuss different baby swings, you can control with your phone.

Following baby swings can be controlled with a smart phone

1. 4moms mamaRoo Baby swing

4moms mamaroo 4 Baby Swing

4moms mamaRoo is one of those swings which you can control with your phone. It is also the most advanced baby swing in market right now. It is a Bluetooth enabled swing. So you can control it with the Bluetooth option.

This swing also has Ac plug in option. 4moms mamaroo has different features like 5 unique motions, natural sounds, and 5 different speed levels. You can easily control all these options with the Bluetooth option. To control this swing with the phone, you need to download their app from the Playstore or App store.


2. Fisher-Price Starlight Revolve Swing with Smart Connect

Fisher-Price Starlight Revolve Swing with SmartConnect

This is the second swing which can be controlled with the smart phone. It has the app control system to control the different features of the baby swing. This swing includes the features of built-in songs and two-way motions.

You can easily control these features with your phone because of its smart connect technology. You can also control the speed of the swing with the smart connect technology.

3. Fisher-Price Owl Love You Deluxe Cradle ‘n Swing with Smart Connectfisher price owl love you deluxe swing you can control with phone using smart connect

The third one is also by the fisher price. This swing can also be controlled by the Bluetooth option. It has different features including built-in songs, two-way motion, adjustable speed at 6 different levels, and 2 recline positions. You can easily control all these features with your smart phone.




From all the above discussion we can conclude that a phone control feature is a special feature in baby swing. This feature allows you to control the baby swing from some distance without disturbing the baby. There are different kinds of swing which are providing this facility. You just need a good smartphone to get benefit from this option.

Usually, these swings are a little bit higher in price as compared to other baby swings. But along with higher price, this feature also provide you comfort at the same time. You can do your daily routine work easily along with comforting your baby in a swing by using your smart phone.


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