Most parents ask, can baby sleep in reclined swing? When we talk about the baby sleep in the swing, there are no hard and fast rules. Some parents put their babies in the swing during sleep. These swings help your babies to sleep with its soothing vibrations and music. Moreover, these swings provide the different recline positions which most parents consider perfect for their babies during sleep.

Can baby sleep in reclined swing by

Most people think that their baby feels relax while sleeping in reclined swing. Remember, recline position is better than then the normal position of swing for sleeping purpose. But still it’s better to let your baby sleep on a flat surface like baby mattress or crib.

Guidelines to Keep in Mind For Reclined Swing

  • Though babies don’t have strong neck muscles or proper head control, in this early age baby requires special care. So here recline position can give a little support to his neck muscles. So we can say that you can let him sleep in reclined position, but not for the longer period of time. As baby swings are not made for sleeping purpose, not even in reclined position. So it’s better to lie baby on flat surface like baby crib or mattress.
  • Moreover, many of the swings fabrics look good and comfortable but the maximum time is not the case. The maximum sleeping time of the babies on hard fabrics can be dangerous for them. Moreover, your baby can move their face on the hard fabric side.
  • The biggest risk is when the babies rollover on the swing. A baby can roll over for the first time during his sleep. The parents usually don’t know about the swing rolling of the babies. It usually happens when your baby is above the age of 2 months. After the two months, your baby can roll over the swing in the next two months at any time.
  • It is observed that the maximum number of deaths in the swing are usually due to babies changing position in the swing. So make sure to take your baby under observation while sleeping in the swing.
  • Make sure that swing isn’t moving while the baby is sleeping in it.


From all the above discussion we can conclude that baby can sleep in reclined swing. But you need to make sure that you are watching the baby during his/her sleep. However baby’s sleep on a crib or flat surface is always the best option.

You should only consider recline swing option in case your baby fell asleep in a swing and you don’t want to disturb his/her sleep. Otherwise we’ll recommend to bring him/her out of the swing and lie on a bed. Because baby swings are not made for sleeping purposes, they are only made to soothe babies.


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