Did you know! How to clean a baby swing? If no, then let us help you with step by step instructions. No doubt, baby swing is the best partner of a baby and helper of parents in soothing their infants. With the passage of time, swing starts to get dirty. So you need to clean it periodically. This will not only make the baby swing look neat but also increases its life.

How to clean baby swing by ibestbabyswing.comCleaning a baby swing is also necessary, because after some time it catches germs along with dirt. So if you care for your baby, then you have to keep the baby swing clean. It’s necessary not only for the swing’s life but also for the health of your baby.

As baby’s sense of smell and taste is very strong as compared to his other senses. So he keep on tasting everything he sees. He’ll taste the dirt, which can infect him. So for the health of your baby, you have to clean baby swing periodically.

Follow mentioned below steps to clean a baby swing

1. Collect all the required tools

Once you are ready to clean a baby swing, then you have to gather all the items that are required in cleaning a baby swing. Those items include warm water, cotton towel, washing machine, baking soda, and other mild detergents.

Along with above mentioned items, make sure you also have the user manual of a baby swing. User manual is really important as it will help you know about dos and don’ts of cleaning that specific baby swing. It will also let you know that either the swing’s seat is machine washable or not. If its machine washable then the manual will also let you know about the recommended machine settings for washing the swing’s seat.

You can find all these information in the maintenance section of user manual. If you don’t have the user manual then still you don’t need to worry about it. As the user manual is always available online of all the baby swings. You can find it on the website of that baby swing brand.

2. Disassemble the baby swing

disassemble baby swing

For proper cleaning of a baby swing, it is mandatory to disassemble it. Because this is how you can deeply clean every corner of it. As dirt, milk & other baby food can stuck at every nook and cranny. Disassembly is important, as without it it’s really hard to reach every nook and cranny of baby swing. Don’t forget to memorize every step of disassembly, otherwise it will be really hard for you to reassemble it. You can also take a photo to remember it.

3. Clean frames

In order to clean frames of baby swing. First of all apply small amount of mild soap on a piece of cloth and gently scrub all plastic and metal parts of baby swing. Make sure to reach every nook and cranny. Now rinse all parts well with the warm water. Now take a dry towel and wipe all parts gently. Cleaning in this way will help to remove all the dirt and stains on the plastic and metal parts of baby swing.

4. Washing seat cover

washing seat cover of baby swing

4.1 For detachable seat cover

If your baby swing has detachable seat cover then you can either wash it with hand or in a washing machine. Which method suits the best for your seat cover, depends upon the material of that seat cover. Now a days, mostly baby swing’s seats are machine washable. You can find it in the user manual of baby swing.

Now check for the required machine settings in the maintenance section of user manual. If you are unable to find it, then you can select the gentle settings. Try to avoid harsh chemicals and prefer mild chemical-free detergent for it. Follow the instructions, mentioned on user manual and let the seat cover dry.

4.2 For non-detachable seat cover

Even if the seat is non-detachable, still it is mandatory to remove the dust from seat cover. For this purpose you can remove the dust with the help of vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner will suck all the dirt from seat cover. In this way you can clean non-detachable seat cover of baby swing.

5. What if tough stains are still left?

Once the cover is dried, then still there is a possibility that some tough stains are not removed yet. For this purpose, you can use baking soda. Just apply and rub the baking soda on stain spots, let it stay for 30 minutes. Then again wash it with mild chemical-free soap and warm water. Seat cover will be perfectly fine.

6. Washing baby toys

In a swing, baby always play with the toys over his head. So in order to keep the baby safe, it’s mandatory to clean and sanitize the toys as well. Just detach the toys and wash it with mild soap and water. Now a days, most baby swing has toys which are dishwasher safe. So you can just wash them in a dishwasher.


Baby use baby swing on daily basis. That’s why it’s necessary to clean baby swing periodically. It will help to increase the life of baby swing and also it is necessary for the well-being of a baby. As baby swing becomes dirty because of many factors e.g. regular dirt through air, running nose of baby, dirty diaper, or when baby spit up milk. So you can keep the baby swing clean and hygienic by following the above mentioned steps.

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