Do you know! How much does a baby swing cost? There are a lot of baby swings available in market. All of them are competing against each other upon factors of price, quality, and features. Competition is really tough as all of them are trying to cover all kind of audiences. All the famous brands including Graco, Fisher-price, 4moms, and Ingenuity have introduced various kind of swings.

how much does a baby swing cost by ibestbabyswingThey have introduced baby swings in all budget ranges i.e. expensive baby swings & cheap baby swings. Basic features of both low and high priced baby swings are same, however expensive baby swings have more advance features. Those advanced features include extra swing motions, dual power options, Bluetooth connectivity, vibrations, and extra comfort level etc.

Low budget baby swing cost

You can get low budget swings in a price range of $73 to $100. These baby swings are for those people who either can’t afford expensive baby swings or who don’t want to spend more money on a baby swing.

These baby swings are enough to soothe your baby. They have few swinging motions. However these baby swings lack the advanced features. But quality wise these baby swings are also good.

High budget baby swing cost

You can get high budget swings with advanced features in a price range of $100 to $250. These baby swings have high comfort level, more swinging option, extra safety features and also other extra features, which you can’t get in low cost baby swings.

These baby swings are for those people who can easily afford expensive products and don’t want to compromise on comfort and satisfaction level of their babies. As extra features provide more satisfaction to the baby.

Even some high end baby swings contain Bluetooth feature, which enables you to control baby swing from your phone. So you can control all the features of a baby swing without disturbing him.


How much is a Graco baby swing?

Graco have introduced various baby swings. Price of Graco baby swings vary from $99 to $242. In high price category, you’ll get more features.

How much is a mamaroo swing?

4moms mamaroo baby swings are one of the most expensive baby swings in market. Their baby swing price varies from $220 to $250. Their all baby swings contain same features, however seat quality varies of each baby swing.

How much is a Fisher Price baby swing?

Fisher price baby swings can be bought in a range of $73 to $230.  They have manufactured baby swings for both customers i.e. high & low budget. High cost baby swings have more features and comfort then the low cost baby swings.


Baby swing cost can differ depending upon the brand, features and quality. All those people who have either high budget or low budget can easily afford a baby swing. Either the baby swing cost is high or low, it will be enough to give comfort to your baby. However more features cost more price. That’s why baby swings are available in all price ranges.



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