Do you want to know that when do toddlers stop napping? Toddlers spend all day playing because they are energetic in this age. So parents have to look after them during their playtime. So when a toddler becomes tired, he takes a nap to recharge his energy. Parents find this opportunity a blessing for them, because during this time, they can do their tasks. Even they can also take a nap during this time.

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Napping is also important for babies, as it play important role in their developmental process. However when the number of naps starts to decrease then you may find it difficult, because it may become a resistance into your regular work activities. But you should celebrate this moment. Because fewer number of naps means that your baby is going to be a big kid soon.

Transitions of nap time

transitions of nap time

There is no specific time for kids to stop napping. Each kid is different, some stops to nap sooner and some later. It totally depends upon the kid, as some kids have high energy level and some have low energy level. You should give your baby special care to make him more active.

You will notice a quick change in nap time during the first year. The baby who usually take 6 to 7 naps a day will be decreased to 2-3 naps a day. In most cases it is noticed that kids don’t stop napping even during their preschool years. About 50% kids keep on napping at the age of 4 and 30% kids keep on napping at the age of 5.

These are the few signs that you may notice, when the toddlers are ready to stop napping

When the time to stop napping comes, your baby will starts to hate his daytime nap. You can take it as a toddler’s way of telling you that he is ready to stop napping. But before coming to the conclusion, look at these few signs that will indicate that toddler is ready to stop napping.

  • You won’t find them tired during the regular nap time, so obviously they don’t need to take a nap.
  • Your toddler will start to take a long time to fall asleep for a nap time than they normally do. He will start to spend more time awaked during the daytime.
  • Even after missing the nap, you won’t find them exhausted, they will be perfectly fine.
  • They will start to wake up early in the morning.

The toddlers will actually stops to nap

toddler stop napping

Toddler will gradually starts to decrease his nap frequency i.e. if he takes nap 2 times a day, then he will start to take 1 nap a day. Then maybe after 1-2 years he will start to decrease the timing of his 1 nap.

Toddlers who stop taking naps, tend to sleep faster at night. They even make your routine easier by sleeping the whole night.

How to help toddlers in eliminating the nap?

help toddler in eliminating nap

There are some toddlers who find it hard to skip napping. So you can help them in eliminating the nap during the daytime. You shouldn’t eliminate it at once, as it will make them irritating and cranky.

  • Start the elimination process by skipping one nap in a week. Make his body used to with less daytime sleep.
  • Reduce the nap time by waking him up early, so that he’ll spend more time sleeping during the nighttime.
  • Try to skip the afternoon activities, which can make him sleepy, until he’ll start to avoid the habit of daytime nap.
  • Feed him healthy but lighter meals, as heavy kind of meals will make him fall asleep.
  • You can make him fall asleep early at night by putting him in a baby swing, once the baby goes to sleep, you can pick him up and lie on bed. Sleeping early at night will help to increase the nighttime sleep.

Benefits of napping for toddlers

benefits of toddler napping

However when the toddler grows up he may not needed a nap, but still napping has its own benefits for toddlers. A nap will help your toddler to recharge his mind and body. If he is at school or at a daycare center, then nap is still the part of his routine. So it will help him to easily follow the schedule.



How long should a 2 year old nap for?

There is a simple rule that you can follow, but first of all make sure that your kid is getting enough sleep at night. After enough sleep at night, 1 to 1.5 hours of nap is enough for a 2 years old toddler at the day time.

When should my toddler stop napping?

Normally toddlers stop napping when they reaches the age of 4 years. But it is recommended by experts to still let them take a nap at least during the pre-schooling years. It is important because it will help them to recharge their brain and body.

Do daytime naps affect night sleep for toddlers?

Yes it affects with the night sleep. Longer nap during the day time means, toddler will sleep for less time during the night.

Is a 3 hour nap too long baby?

Don’t let your baby to have a nap for more than two to three hours. As it will affect with their night time sleep. It’s better to wake them up after 2-3 hours of nap.

Why is my toddler fighting naps?

During the day time, there are some kids who sleep for a very short time while there are also some who sleeps for a longer period of time. There are also some kids who sleep at the wrong time. The reasons why the toddler is fighting with naps especially the one with short time sleep are:

  • The toddler might be over tired.
  • He might be facing reflux problem. In this case you can heel him with baby swings for reflux.
  • He might be distracted with so much noise or lights
  • He might be irritated because of baby wipes. Because baby wipes may contain some ingredients, which can cause irritation.

Should you wake toddler from nap?

It’s not good to awake him up immediately after he goes to sleep. Let him sleep for about 1 to 1.5 hours then wake him up. As longer nap may leads to less sleep time at night, which may ruin the routine of you and your toddler.

What do you do when your toddler won’t nap?

If he is fighting with the nap time then may be the time has come to drop the napping, it is usually happen when the toddler is 15 to 18 months old. You can do little effort on your own. You can provide him a peaceful environment by putting him on bed, reducing the noise and also by making the lights dim.

Provide him toys and make him comfortable by putting him in a baby swing. These efforts can help baby to nap.


Babies at first year of their age take naps 6 to 7 times a day. In the 2nd year nap time decreases to 2 to 3 times. Babies usually keep on taking nap until the 5 years of their age. Every toddler is different from the other, and it totally depends upon the toddler that when do he stop napping. So stop being worried about when do toddlers stop napping.

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