Are you looking for the best baby swing for reflux 2023? Due to reflux, babies spit up the food. It is a prevalent condition among babies. Reflux causes burning pain in the chest area of the baby, which makes them cry. Baby swings are considered an effective solution to aid the reflux problem.

To save your time, our team of product specialists has spent a lot of their time finding out the best baby swings to soothe the reflux problem. All the baby swings mentioned below are highly effective in reducing the reflux problem of babies. According to us, 4 moms mamaroo is the best choice to heal reflux due to its infinite reclining positions. However there are other swings as well that can reduce reflux, we have given a detailed review on all of them. Here are quick options to choose from, if you are on a tight budget buy the budget-friendly else buy the dream buy.

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Ingenuity convertme best baby swing for reflux

Best Baby swing for reflux

List of best baby swings for reflux 2023

1. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

4moms mamaroo best baby swing for reflux

This swing is one of the most luxurious baby swings with the most advanced features available in the market right now. It can help to soothe the reflux problem; for this purpose, this swing offers five different kinds of motions at five different speed levels. The seat is very soft and able to recline at any point to meet the baby’s comfort level.

Overhead toys are available to keep the baby engaged. It also contains a music system to keep the baby happy. This baby swing is Bluetooth enabled; with this feature, you can control the whole swing’s features with any Bluetooth-enabled device like a smartphone. It is an mp3 plugin so that you can even play the music of your own choice. This swing comes with an Ac adapter, which can help you save a lot of battery costs. The maximum weight limit is 25 lbs.

PROS & CONS of 4moms Mamaroo Baby Swing

  • Comfortable seat
  • 3-point harness safety
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • You can control it with smartphone
  • 5 motions
  • 5 different speed levels
  • Seat can be reclined at any point
  • Seat is machine washable
  • Ac Adapter
  • Music system
  • Price is little bit high

2. Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Mocha Butterfly

Fisher price papson cradle swing, mocha butterfly baby swing

This swing is made in the USA. Its sides are covered with a soft canopy. Its fabric Seat is very comfortable, and you can wash it in a machine. The most beautiful part of this swing is the floating butterflies with lights. Lights give a fantastic night glow to make the baby happy. It has two different motions; either you can choose side to side or head to toe motion.

The speed of motions is adjustable at six different levels. You can choose the speed level at which your baby feels more comfortable. This swing has both power options, which means you can either use the batteries options or the plug-in option. It has a music system with eight pre-installed songs so that babies can enjoy while swinging. It can hold weight up to 25 lbs.

PROS & CONS of Fisher-Price Papasan

  • Nightglow lights
  • Very comfortable fabric seat
  • The seat is machine washable
  • Music feature
  • Dual power option, e.g., batteries or plugin
  • Ac adaptor included
  • Two different motions
  • Sound automatically turns off after completing the cycle

3. Fisher-Price Snugabunny Cradle’ n Swing with Smart Swing Technology

Fisher price snugabunny swing

This swing has two swinging motions: side-to-side and head-to-toe; these motions can help you soothe the reflux in babies. It has six different speed levels. Its smart technology automatically senses the weight of the baby and adjusts its speed accordingly for an optimal level of comfort. It contains floating toys overhead so that baby can play with them and a mirror to see his expressions. Swing is suitable for bigger babies.

The seat is comfortable and contains a bunny ears head support. You can recline the seat at two different positions. It has the plugin option to save on the cost of batteries. For convenience and portability, you can use batteries. This swing also contains a music system with 16 different tunes and sounds to make the baby relax. For this swing weight limit is 25 lbs.

PROS & CONS of Fisher-Price Snugabunny

  • Smart technology
  • Comfortable seat
  • Music system
  • Six-speed levels
  • The seat is able to recline at two different levels
  • Dual power options i.e. Plugin & Batteries
  • Size is little big

4. Graco DreamGlider Gliding Baby Swing

graco dreamglider gliding swing It’s a complete bed and a swing for the baby. This swing is perfect for babies who love to lie flat. If you want to lift the baby’s head higher, you can adjust it. You can recline the seat at three different points to make the baby more comfortable. Its swinging motions make the baby calm and help to fall asleep. The built-in music feature has pre-installed melodies and sounds.

It has a vibration feature at two different speed levels. Speed of motion is also adjustable at six levels to make the baby more relaxed. All these features help a lot in reducing the reflux problem. It has dual power options, e.g., plugin and batteries. It can hold weight up to 30 lbs.

PROS & CONS of Graco DreamGlider

  • Perfect for babies who like a flat surface
  • It helps to fall asleep peacefully
  • Vibration feature at two gentle speed levels
  • Six swing speeds
  • Both power options, which are Batteries and Plugin
  • The seat can recline at three positions
  • Music system
  • Vibration feature works only on battery

5. Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing-2-Seat Portable Swing

Ingenuity convertme best baby swing for reflux

This swing is highly portable; check more portable swings. You can easily fold it up and can take it wherever you want. The swing seat has a headrest for the baby, which is removable. For the baby’s safety, it contains 5 point harness, which also helps to hold the baby in a comfortable position.

You can adjust the speed of motions at five different levels to choose the speed according to the mood of the baby. It has a vibration feature to make the baby more relaxed. This baby swing also contains a music feature with eight melodies and three nature sounds. It has a timer feature to save battery life. It is suitable for babies up to 9 months old.

PROS & CONS of Ingenuity ConvertMe

  • Very light and easily portable
  • Vibration mode
  • 5 point harness
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Five swing speeds
  • Timer feature
  • Extra quiet motor
  • Hybridrive technology for extra battery life
  • It doesn’t have a side to side motion
  • It runs only on batteries

6. Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

Graco simple sway baby swing

This swing helps in soothing the reflux problem of the baby. It has a deep plush seat to provide a comfortable swing for your baby. It is easy to clean as the seat is washable in the machine. This swing has three toys hanging overhead to keep the baby engaged. Music is installed with 15 songs and sounds to keep the baby relaxed. It moves in a side-to-side direction.

You can adjust its speed at six different levels according to your baby’s mood. For the security of the baby and to keep it in a comfortable position, this swing offers 5 point harness. It offers dual power options, so you can either choose the plugin option or the batteries option.

PROS & CONS of Graco Simple Sway

  • Compact design
  • Deep plush seat
  • The seat is washable in a machine
  • Dual power options i.e. Batteries and plugin
  • Music feature
  • 5 point harness safety
  • 6 speed settings
  • Music automatically shuts off after 1 hour

7. Graco Sense2Soothe Baby Swing

graco sense2soothe baby swing

This swing from Graco can be perfect for your baby having a reflux issue. It can soothe your baby by swinging its seat in a multidirectional way. Every baby has its own comfort point; you can set the seat direction according to your baby’s comfort level with the multidirectional seat.

This swing offers 3-speed adjustable settings; you can find the right swinging speed setting by adjusting one by one. Once you find the right setting in which your baby is happy, you can set it and let your baby enjoy the swing.

The vibration feature in this swing is a plus point, as vibrations play a vital role in soothing the baby. If you use this feature, you will see your baby forgetting about their pain and giving a smile.

If the baby has reflux, it’s recommended to keep the baby in the upright position. This swing offers various reclining positions; you can set the upright position, so your baby doesn’t spit up the food. The music feature is also available in this swing, keeping the baby engaged with its soothing sounds. Moreover, the toy bar is also installed at the top of this swing; it is helpful to get the attention of a baby.

The most remarkable feature of this swing is its cry-detection technology. This feature is very useful in keeping the baby calm. This baby swing contains built-in mike, which can detect the crying sound of a baby. If the baby is crying, the swing can adjust its speed setting, motions, and sounds according to the comfort level. Once the baby stops crying, it maintains that speed level, sounds, and movements. So that baby can enjoy the swinging. However, you can always turn off this feature if you don’t want it.

Moreover, its seat can be used as a rocker. You can get the dual benefit of swing and rocker with this device.

PROS & CONS of Graco Sense2Soothe

  • Multi-directional seat
  • 3 speed settings
  • Vibration feature
  • Seat can be used as a rocker
  • Music
  • Cry-detection technology
  • Various reclining positions
  • Toy bar
  • It is little expensive

Acid Reflux in babies

Acid Reflux is a condition in babies in which they spit up food. It is a prevalent problem among many babies. But the good thing is, it doesn’t last forever. It resolves itself as babies grow up. There is a tube in our body, known as the esophagus.

The esophagus carries food from our mouth to our stomach. But if a baby is suffering from reflux, then the food will be backed up from the stomach to the tube again, and the baby will spit out the meal. This condition can happen many times a day.

Acid Reflux is further categorized into two categories: gastroesophageal reflux (GER) and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Let’s discuss those categories of acid reflux.

Gastroesophageal reflux

It usually happens in babies. If they spit up the food after just having a meal, it is called GER. But GER is not that severe, and it doesn’t last long.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease

It is a severe condition of GER. In GERD, the baby will vomit more frequently, and you will find difficulty feeding the baby. A baby may lose some weight as well. But the good news is that GERD is not very common. The percentage of babies who suffer from GERD is meager. But its duration is very long as compared to GER. As stated by MedlinePlus, GERD reflux can last longer than 12 months. So if your baby shows symptoms of reflux longer than 12 months, then he has Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

What are the main causes of GERD and Reflux in babies?

  • One major cause of reflux is an immature lower esophagus sphincter.

This is a muscle known as the lower esophagus sphincter (LES). This muscle works as a valve between the stomach and the esophagus. Whenever your infant eats something, this muscle becomes relaxed so that the food can pass through it into the stomach. But once the food goes into the stomach, it gets close, and then it prevents the food in the stomach from going back into the esophagus.

But some babies are suffering from reflux; because their LES is not fully developed. That’s why it can’t prevent food in the stomach from going back into the esophagus. Due to this, food backs up into the esophagus, and the baby spits up. But you don’t need to worry about it, as after some time it develops itself. Once it fully develops, it won’t let the food in the stomach pass through it; in this way, your baby will stop spitting.

There are some other factors as well that can be the reason for reflux. Those factors are as follows:

  • The baby is eating a liquid diet only.
  • If the baby lies in a flat position all the time
  • A baby who is born prematurely
  • Research from NCBI says cow’s milk can also be the reason for reflux. It happens because of cow’s milk protein allergy.

What are the common symptoms of reflux or GERD in babies?

If your baby shows the following symptoms, then it means they are suffering from reflux.

  • They may vomit frequently.
  • They may find it difficult to eat something or refuse to eat food.
  • The baby may wheeze, or he may start to cough more frequently.
  • The baby may cry because of chest burn, abdominal pain, or colicky behavior.
  • He may show irritating behavior, especially after having food.
  • The baby may start losing weight or not gain any weight.
  • He may find trouble while swallowing food.

Remedies to cure reflux

Though baby swing is helpful to cure reflux, if you want to try other methods, then these remedies may help you heal the reflux of your baby.

Add rice cereal to the milk

Mix rice cereal in the milk or infant formula. If it becomes thick, you can increase the size of the bottle’s nipple.

Hold up your baby

After every meal, never lay your baby down; instead, hold your baby in an upright position for about 30 minutes. It is a great way to settle the tummy. In this way, the chances are meager that your baby will spit out.

Try to breastfeed

Chances of reflux are low in breastfeeding as compared to using infant formula. Many studies suggest breastfeeding decreases the chances of reflux, and even if it develops, it’s still not as severe as it will be with infant formula.

Burp during meal

Whenever you are feeding your infant, keep burping him after every 2-3 ounces of milk. It will be a great help to settle the food in the baby’s tummy.

Never overfeed your baby

Overfeeding can be a reason to spit out food. Feeding the baby in the recommended amount decreases the chances of spitting out food. So never exceed the limit; always follow the guidelines given by pediatricians.

You can change the formula if the doctor recommends

Sometimes babies are sensitive to some formulas, so if a pediatrician suggests you change the formula, you should change it. The pediatrician’s recommendation is compulsory in this case.

How can a baby swing solve the reflux problem?

A baby swing can be a perfect option to solve the reflux problem. As mentioned above, lying in a flat position for so much time is also the reason for reflux. So to cure reflux in this scenario, you have to hold the baby in an upright position.

Keeping them in an upright position helps to settle the food in the baby’s stomach and doesn’t let the food back up in the esophagus again. You can do this with your arms, but your arms can get tired of holding up the baby in an upright position for such a long time. So, in this case, a baby swing can be the best helper here. Baby swing’s seat is already so comfortable, so it can keep the baby comfortable.

You can follow the following guidelines for using a baby swing to cure reflux.

  • Choose the upright position of a baby swing.
  • Tie the baby with harness point safety. As it keeps the baby secure and also keeps him in a proper position
  • If needed, you can also soothe them with low-speed swinging motions.

All the baby swings mentioned above are perfect for curing the reflux problem in babies.

How to choose the best baby swing for reflux?

Though all the swings mentioned above are perfect for babies having a reflux problem, if you want to do some research on your own, then a few things should be kept in mind while looking for a baby swing for reflux. We are going to discuss all those necessary features; you can simply search for those features while researching a swing.

Important Features

1 Seat positioning

Pediatricians recommend holding babies in an upright position after feeding them. That’s why it is necessary to buy a swing that is adjustable in the upright position. For example, mamaRoo is an excellent swing for this purpose, as you can adjust its maximum reclining or inclining position. With this feature, you can set the upright position and fix the seat in that position.

2 Harness safety

Harness safety is an essential feature, as it keeps the baby in a proper and upright position. Also, it secures them from falling out. So without harness safety, your baby can fall out of the swing. In this position, the baby can’t stay in a proper posture. That’s why harness safety is necessary. Some baby swings come with 5-point harness safety, while others have 3-point harness safety. The 5-point harness safety is more favorable, but the 3-point harness safety can also work fine.

3 The seat should be machine washable

There are many chances that a baby can spit out the food during reflux. So he can make the seat dirty, and that’s why you are not going to put your baby on a dirty seat again. But if the seat is machine washable, it’s not going to be a problem for you anymore as you can detach the seat cover and wash it in a washing machine. For the safety and health of a baby, it is necessary to keep the baby swing clean.

4 Comfortable seat

As your baby is going to spend some time in a baby swing, they must remain comfortable in it. So choose a swing, which has a comfortable and soft seat. In this way, your baby will stay happy and calm in the swing.

5 Swinging speed and motions

Baby swings provide different swinging motions so that that baby can enjoy every moment in a swing. Different swinging motions let the baby spend quality time in a swing. You can also set the speed of those motions from very low to very high. Because of this speed adjustability feature, you can choose the speed of your baby’s choice. This feature helps the baby forget the pain of reflux because of its soothing motions.

All these points will help make the right decision for buying a baby swing for reflux. All these features play a significant role in treating reflux. However, some other features don’t play an essential role in treating reflux, but they can be a plus point in a swing. Let’s discuss those features.

Additional Features

1 Music

Music can keep your baby entertained. Some baby swings have built-in sounds, while some also provide an mp3 plugin feature. With the mp3 plug-in feature, you can play the songs of your baby’s choice. So the baby can enjoy music as well while enjoying a swing. In this way, he can forget about the pain of reflux.

2 Toys

Toys are essential to keep the baby engaged. The baby can stare at the toys while enjoying a swing. Make sure that toys are firmly attached; otherwise, your baby can pull out the toys and put them in his mouth.

3 Vibration

Vibration is also an excellent way to make the baby forget about the pain. This feature can soothe your baby and bring a smile to their face. But this feature only comes with the combo of baby swing and rocker. So this is an additional feature; if you want to buy a baby swing rocker, you will get this feature. But this feature works only on batteries.

4 Power source

However, this feature has nothing to do with the reflux, but you have to choose the right power source according to your requirement. Some baby swings operate on batteries, so it means that you have to keep on changing its batteries periodically, which will increase your cost in the long term. But those baby swings which run on batteries have the advantage of portability. You can take such baby swings anywhere you want.

Some baby swings operate on an Ac adapter; this feature is very cost-effective in the long term as you don’t have to change batteries in these swings. However, you also have to find an Ac power socket close to your swing. So you just can’t take these swings anywhere. You can operate these swings only in those places where you have access to the Ac power socket.

But there are some swings as well, which provide dual power sources. It means you can operate such swings on batteries and an Ac adapter as well. With such kinds of swings, you can enjoy the benefits of both power sources.

All these factors can help you choose the best baby swing for reflux. But, if you don’t want to spend time in research, you can trust our research and go with any of the above-mentioned baby swings for reflux.

Tips for dealing with reflux in babies


1. Are swings good for babies with reflux?

Swings are considered an effective way to reduce the reflux problem of babies, as they keep babies comfortable and at the perfect angle, which lowers the amount of stomach acid going into the esophagus. Check these if your baby needs a swing for Colic.

2. Is swing good for infants?

It is good for infants as it helps relax the baby through its vibration and swinging motions. The baby feels comfortable in the swing and even falls asleep early.

3. What is the best baby swing for reflux?

All the baby swings mentioned above are really good for reflux, but according to our specialists, 4moms Mamaroo is the best baby swing for reflux available in the market right now.


Baby swings are considered to be an effective aid for the reflux problem. It makes the baby relaxed and comfortable. The swing keeps the baby at a perfect angle, which reduces the amount of stomach acid, which travels into the esophagus. All the baby swings mentioned above are beneficial for the reflux problem, but according to our experts, Mamaroo is the best baby swing available in the market to soothe reflux.


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  1. Thank you for your valuable recommendation. You helped me in finalizing my decision. My baby was crying due to reflux but mamaroo swing worked like a charm for me and my baby. Its really a wonderful swing. Even now my baby is lying in it peacefully.

  2. I wanted to buy mamaroo for my baby, because of its maximum seat adjustment feature. But it was out of my range, So I bought Ingenuity covertme swing because it was in my range, and believe, it worked really well for my baby. He was spitting all the food due to reflux, but due to this baby swing, he is better now. After feeding him, I put him in this swing and I haven’t noticed any symptom of reflux for many days.

  3. Yes definitely, size is not an issue for this swing. As this baby swing has wide sturdy base, and it can hold up to 25 lbs weight easily. As for as the reflux is concerned, then its recline positions and swinging movement can help to soothe the reflux problem of your baby.

  4. I am a mamaroo lover. Few of my friends recommended me to buy mamaro, because they have also used this baby swing to solve the reflux of their babies. Then you have also recommended it as the top priority for solving reflux of babies. So I think I must go with the mamaroo.

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