If your Graco swing is not working, these simple steps may help you resolve the problem. There can be many reasons for it. That’s why we will discuss all those reasons and their possible solutions so that whatever problem your swing has, you can easily resolve it with the help of this article. Remember, you don’t have to be an expert to solve these problems; even a layperson can easily follow this guide.

Why is My Graco Swing Not Working

Possible reasons that restrict Graco’s swing from working are:

  • Batteries Dead
  • Corrosion in battery terminal
  • Batteries are wrongly placed
  • Speed setting too low
  • If the baby is too heavy or too active

Your Graco Baby Swing May Not Work if the Batteries are Dead

Graco baby swings work with batteries; they don’t have a power cord feature. The major benefit of the batteries is that they provide convenience, due to which you can take the swing anywhere you want because you don’t have to look for an electrical socket. Disadvantages are they are costly, and they run out of power. This is what happens most of the time. When the batteries run out of power, the Graco baby swing stops working.

How do I know if batteries run out of power? Well, if the issue is with batteries, you’ll see the light blinking of the Graco baby swing. It is a sign of low batteries alert. If this is the case, simply get new batteries for your swing, and it will start working again.

Corrosion in Battery Terminal

corrosion in battery compartment

Corrosion restricts baby swing from working. Check the battery compartment; there should be no corrosion. If you see any, remove it. That’s how you can remove the corrosion from the battery compartment:

  • Take a cotton swab
  • Baking sods
  • Vinegar
  • Water

First of all, wear gloves, then dip the cotton swab in the vinegar and apply it on the battery compartment where you see the corrosion. Rub it; it will help dissolve and remove the corrosion. Remove as much as you can, then mix baking soda with little water, apply it in the battery compartment, and rub it with a cotton swab. It will help remove all the corrosion. Now let it dry, and insert batteries once it is completely dried.

If Batteries are Wrongly Placed

place batteries correctly

If the batteries are not correctly placed, the swing won’t work. That’s why checking the +ve and –ve signs on the batteries is necessary. The plus sign of the battery should match the plus sign of the compartment. Similarly, the minus sign on the battery should match the minus sign on the compartment.

First, insert the negative end of the battery on the negative side of the compartment, where you can see a spring. Then press it on the spring side; that’s how the battery will easily insert inside.

Speed Setting is Too Low

speed setting too low

If the speed setting is too low, Graco won’t move. You have to set a good speed if you want it to move. Graco baby swing can move at speed levels between 1-6. At least, set a moderate speed level, like 2 or 3. If you want to adjust the speed, just rotate the wheel clockwise.

If the Baby is Too Heavy

Like every other baby swing, Graco also has a weight limit that you shouldn’t exceed. Depending on the model, Graco baby swings provide a weight limit of 25-30 lbs., which is an excellent weight limit. If your baby has grown up big and weighs more than the limit, you should introduce them to outdoor swings. Exceeding the weight limit either slow down the swing or restrict completely from moving. That’s why make sure your baby is under the weight limit. If the baby is too active, it can also be a problematic situation, slowing down the swing’s operation.


Just like all other swings, Graco can also have some problems. However, these problems are self-created most of the time and can be easily resolved. That’s why we have mentioned all the possible causes that make the Graco swing stop working. We hope you have read the entire article and possibly found the solution to your problem. If you still have something in my regarding the Graco swing working, feel free to ask us in the comment section. We’ll try our best to help you out.

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