Are you searching for the best baby swing for bigger babies of 2023? Then you are in the right place. Our professional team of product specialists has done in-depth research to find the best baby swings that can easily accommodate bigger babies.

best baby swing for bigger babies


We understand your concern. You have a big-sized baby, and lightweight, delicate swings can’t provide smooth swinging to your baby. Moreover, those light swings have higher chances of being broken. You need a swing solid and spacious swing that can provide smooth swinging to your baby. If the swing is smaller than the baby’s size, the baby will remain uncomfortable while swinging. Moreover, the swing can also break while swinging, so always choose a baby swing that is best for the bigger babies. That’s why we have only selected those swings that are perfect for big-sized babies.

We have tried to cover all the best baby swings available in the market that can provide the ultimate level of comfort to the babies. According to us, the Fisherprice Papasan cradle is the most suitable swing for bigger babies. However, you can consider other swings as well. All the swings mentioned below are very durable and are ideal for bigger babies. We have reviewed all of them. Let us know about your choice in the comment section.

So here are our top 5 specialists’ choices

1. Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing, Mocha Butterfly for big size babies 

Fisher price papasan cradle swing, mocha butterfly

This swing is made in the USA. It can hold weight up to 25 lbs. To make the baby relax, it has two swinging motions, i.e., either you can go for head-to-toe or choose a side to side swing. As for bigger babies, a higher speed is suitable; that’s why it offers six swing speeds so that you can adjust the swing speed according to your baby’s mood.

This swing has built-in 16 songs and sounds along with overhead butterflies to keep the baby entertained while swinging. It has a lightning feature, which gives a fantastic glow in the night. You can recline its seat at two different positions. The sides of this swing are covered with a soft canopy. The seat is very comfortable and easy to clean as it is machine washable. Parents can sit and relax on their couches while their bigger babies can enjoy swinging in this baby swing.

It offers both power options, i.e., Plugins and batteries. The plugin is suitable for saving the cost of batteries. Batteries are ideal for convenience and portability.

PROS & CONS of Fisher Price Papasan

  • Comfortable fabric seat
  • Night glow lights
  • Soft canopy
  • Dual power options i.e. batteries and plugin
  • 16 soothing sounds and songs
  • Seat is machine washable
  • Seat can be reclined at two points
  • 6 swing speeds
  • Ac adaptor is included in it
  • Weight limit is 25 lbs
  • Sound turns off automatically after completing its cycle


2. Fisher-Price Woodsy Wonders 2-in-1 Deluxe Cradle’ n Swing for bigger babies 

Fisher price woodsy wonders swing

This swing is really a good option for people looking for a swing and rocker combo. Its weight limit is 25 lbs. You can detach its soft and comfy seat to use as a rocker. A vibration feature is available to keep the baby cozy. Head support is available to keep the baby in the proper position. Baby can enjoy swinging at two different motions, i.e., head to toe or side to side.

The speed of the swing is adjustable at six different levels. You can choose the speed from very low to very high according to your baby’s mood. It has overhead toys and a mirror so that the baby can play with toys and see his expressions. The music feature with 16 sounds is already installed in it. It has dual power options, i.e., plugin and batteries. If you are tight on a budget, check these under 100  swings.

PROS & CONS of Fisher price Woodsy Wonders

  • It can hold weight up to 25 lbs
  • Removable rocker
  • Vibration feature
  • Two way motions
  • 6 speed settings
  • Machine washable seat
  • Ac adaptor is included
  • Music system
  • Size of swing is little bigger


3. 4moms Mamaroo 4 Baby Swing, high-tech Baby Rocker

4 moms mamroo best baby swing for bigger babies

This swing is equipped with the most advanced features. It is a luxurious baby swing choice for bigger babies. Its weight capacity is 25 lbs. It offers five different motions at five different speeds to achieve maximum comfort. It replicates the natural motions, just like parents do while swinging the baby.

This swing has built-in music with pre-installed sounds. It also has an mp3 plugin so that you can play the music of your own choice. This swing is Bluetooth-enabled. You can connect it with any Bluetooth-enabled device like a smartphone. By connecting it with a smartphone, you can control its motions and music from a smart device.

Its seat is made up of fabric and is very comfortable. You can easily wash it in a machine. The seat is reclinable at any point, which is great for soothing the baby. This swing works with an Ac adaptor.

PROS & CONS of 4moms Mamaroo Baby Swing

  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Comfortable fabric seat
  • Music and mp3 plugin
  • 5 motions
  • 5 speed levels
  • This swing is controllable with smartphone
  • Seat is able to recline at any position
  • Ac adaptor included
  • Seat is machine washable
  • weight limit is 25 lbs
  • Price is little higher


4. Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing

Graco glider LX gliding swing

The weight limit of this swing is 30 lbs. It covers very little space, so it is suitable for people who are looking for compact swings for their big size babies. It gives 6-speed settings to match the baby’s comfort level. 2 vibration settings are also available to make the baby more relaxed.

You can recline the seat at two different points to make the baby more comfortable. For the baby’s security, 5 point harness is given in this swing. The harness will provide safety and help keep the baby in a comfortable position.

For the baby’s entertainment, a music system with pre-installed ten melodies and five nature sounds is given in this swing. Overhead toy bar is available so that babies can play with them while swinging. It provides both power options, i.e., plugin and batteries. Timer mode is given to extend the battery life.

PROS & CONS of Graco Glider LX 

  • Roomy comfortable seat
  • Covers very less space
  • 5 point harness safety
  • Timer mode
  • 2 different recline positions
  • 6 levels of speed
  • Vibration mode
  • Music
  • Both power options i.e. batteries and plugin option.
  • Power cord is included
  • 30 lbs weight limit
  • It doesn’t have side to side motion


5. Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

Graco slim spaces compact best baby swing for bigger babies

This swing is meant for the highest level of portability and convenience. Along with portability, this baby swing is also one of the best swings for bigger babies. Its legs are height adjustable; you can adjust the swing’s height settings from 29″ to 35″. So you can either make it compact or full-sized. This is a very portable swing.

Speed is adjustable from low to fast; this swing requires batteries to operate. It contains overhead toys, so that baby can play with them while swinging. For the baby’s safety, it has 5 point harness to protect the baby from falling out. The weight limit for this swing is 25 lbs.

PROS & CONS of Graco Slim Spaces Baby Swing

  • Highly portable
  • Height adjustable
  • 5 point harness safety
  • Speed adjustable
  • Weight limit is 25 lbs
  • Overhead toys are not really attractive



What baby swing holds the most weight?

Most baby swings for bigger babies offer a weight limit of 25 lbs. But Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing offers a weight limit of 30 lbs.

How long can a baby use a baby swing?

Though baby swings provide comfort to children, it doesn’t mean putting babies in the swing all day. You need to set the limit for babies to stay in swings, as they need to develop their motor skills. Most experts recommend putting babies in a swing not more than one hour a day. If you are worried about colic or reflux problems, choose your swing accordingly.


There are some baby swings available that can easily accommodate the bigger babies. Each swing comes with its own features. All the swings mentioned above are highly durable and can provide the ultimate comfort level to your big size babies. Most swings can accommodate a weight limit of 25 lbs, but Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing has the ability to accommodate 30 lbs of the weight limit.

According to our specialist, all the swings mentioned above are excellent. The Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing is the best baby swing for bigger babies available in the market right now.

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