Do you want to contact the customer support of the Ingenuity baby swing? We’ll teach you the proper way in step-by-step guidelines to get their customer services. If you have bought the Ingenuity’s product and now you have found some kind of fault in the product or the product is broken, you need to contact their customer support service to guide you further.

how to contact the customer support of ingenuity baby swingIf your ingenuity baby swing is not working, take our advice and do manual checkups to see if it is not working due to your mistake or the swing was already defected. So please follow these guidelines to see why your ingenuity swing doesn’t swing. If you have gone through these guidelines and still the swing is not working, then it means the baby swing was already defected, and you need to contact the customer support. You can contact them through these guidelines.

Steps to Contact the Ingenuity Baby Swing Customer Support

Via Phone Call

You can directly contact Kids2 on their phone number +1-800-230-8190. Remember, you can only call them from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm EST. This is a quick way to contact them.

Through Kids2 Website

You can also contact the customer support of the Ingenuity baby swing through their website. There are a lot of people who are shy or don’t have a phone call confidence; they can fill out a form on their website. In this method, you have to go to the customer service section of their website. There you will see a form, just will it out with complete detail. Kids2 team will contact you within five working days.

Their Warranty Policy

Their warranty is valid for one year only. If you have exceeded this limit, you can’t claim to maintain or replace parts without cost. They also demand the sales receipt of the ingenuity baby swing to get sure if you are still eligible for a warranty or not. If you are eligible for the warranty, then you can contact the customer support of ingenuity baby swing and they will replace, repair, or even will provide you a refund, free of cost.

However, you can’t claim for the warranty for the following reasons:

  • The baby swing is damaged using non-kids2 products.
  • For the batteries.
  • If the serial number of the ingenuity baby swing is damaged or removed.
  • If any modification has been done to the parts of the baby swing.
  • Also, if you haven’t followed the instructions of assembly, installation, maintenance, and use.


Sometimes users of ingenuity baby swing identify few issues in their baby swing. It happens either due to their own fault or they mistakenly receive the defected product. Firstly, you should do a manual checkup. Still, if you find any major issue in the swing, you should contact the customer support of the Ingenuity baby swing. The complete guide to contact their support is mentioned-above. You can simply follow those guidelines to solve your problem.



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  1. I need someone to contact me about my swing. We have had it for a little over a year and have hardly used it and all of sudden it isn’t working at all. It has been in our sons room the whole time. Please contact me for information on what I can do.

  2. I was given a swing for my baby. it works and everything its just ,missing the mobile toy thing . can i buy that or would i have to get a whole new swing ?

    1. Is it from Ingenuity? Ingenuity baby swings come with mobile toy. If it is missing then you should complain the customer support and ask for it.

  3. I need to get a replacement tray for the Trio Highchair. I cannot find any information about replacement parts or where to call or order. I expect to purchase it as this highchair is not a new one and has no warranty. Please have someone contact me as the side is broken and my child may fall out! Thank You

    1. Please read the heading “through kids2 website”. We have given the link of replacement parts section. Click on the word “form”, and it will take you to their website’s replacement parts section. Fill out the form, and their team will contact you. Thank you!

  4. I have a swing that’s not working. It was working completely fine, then all of a sudden them light flashed and shut off. Now I can’t even turn the swing on. I have the swing that plugs into the wall, so my swing doesn’t require batteries. How can I fix this?

    1. Hi Tiffany, it’s really sad to hear that. You didn’t mention the swing’s model. By the way, the problem can be found in the adapter, motor, or circuit board. Either the adapter is burnt, or you may need to replace the motor or the circuit. In this situation, you better contact the customer care of your swing’s manufacturer.
      We recommend our readers resolve problems by themselves if the batteries are out of power or they have made mistakes while assembling the swing. Definitely, you don’t have such problems. In your case, the power is not reaching the swing. That’s why contact customer care, so they can replace the defective part.

  5. Hi, I have a swing that I used for my older children and now I am unable to find the legs. Is it possible to purchase these separately?

    1. It’s really difficult to find just legs of the baby swings. You can contact your swing’s manufacturer for this purpose or you may get used legs.

  6. Can somebody please contact me my little one is 4months old we purchased one of your swinging chairs and the seat frame bar as snapped

    1. Dear Lucy, thank you for reaching out to us. However, we don’t sell any baby swing, we just give reviews on baby swings. We have given guidelines to contact the customer care of Ingenuity baby swing. If you are having any trouble with your baby swing, kindly contact the customer care of Kids2 by following the detailed guidelines given in this article.

  7. I have a Ingenuity baby swing from 2016. I had loaned it to friends and just received it back, baby due in 2 weeks and the seat part won’t swing, because they left the battery in and it leaked. Is it possible to replace the batter unit of the seat part and how much would it cost? I live in the UK, but am struggling to find a website or how to co tact the UK customer support office.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Rona,
      Thank you for reaching out to us. Yes, you can replace the battery compartment but it’s not easy to just get the compartment. You may have to buy a second hand device to replace it with it. However, we have a really simple solution for you that might help. You can remove the corrosion with a simple hack, and it will work fine. Please follow the instructions.
      Take baking soda, water, and a cotton bud.
      Mix little amount of water with baking soda, then apply that paste with cotton bud inside the battery compartment. Make sure to apply on all the corroded area. After 5 minutes, wipe out all the inside area with moist paper towel. Now dry it with air or blow dryer. Once, it is dried, you are good to go. Add new batteries and enjoy swinging. We hope, this method will work for you.

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