Are you looking to change the batteries of your ingenuity baby swing? We can help you out by providing a step-by-step guide for the replacement of batteries. Either you are installing the batteries for the first time or want to replace them, this guide is for you. Sometimes batteries run out of power, and you have to replace them to operate the swing’s functions.
How to change batteries in ingenuity baby swing

Guideline to replace/install batteries in ingenuity baby swing

1. Locate the battery’s compartment

Locate the compartment of batteries
First of all, find out the battery’s compartment, as you have to replace your batteries from this section. If you don’t know about the compartment, look at the compartment’s picture given above.

2. Remove the compartment door

remove the compartment door
Now, get a screwdriver and loosen the screws. Remove then compartment door. After removing it, you will find the section of batteries.

3. Replace/Install the batteries

replace or install the batteries of ingenuity baby swing
Now get 4 D batteries and change or install them correctly in the battery’s section of your ingenuity baby swing. Ensure that the batteries are of a good brand, as they will last longer and help you operate the swing’s functions perfectly.

4. Turn on the power button

turn on the power button
After replacing the batteries, turn on the power button to check if the batteries are placed correctly. If the batteries are working, it means you have installed them correctly, and if the batteries are not working, then it means you haven’t installed them correctly.

5. Close the compartment door

screw back the compartment door
Now, after testing the batteries, put back the compartment door and tight all the screws. Now the batteries are replaced, you can operate the swing now.


When should you replace the batteries in your ingenuity baby swing?

Once the ingenuity swing stops working or stops performing its operations entirely, then there are many chances that you have to replace the batteries now. You should know that the batteries get weaker as you use them. All the batteries have a lifespan; all of them stops working after you use them completely. Some batteries last longer than the others, but at the end they all die. That’s why always make yourself prepared that you have to replace the batteries periodically.

Which batteries are recommended for ingenuity baby swings?

We always recommend people to use the premium quality batteries for their baby swings, as they last longer and help perform the operations of baby swing perfectly. Depending upon the ingenuity baby swing model, you can use the D or C type batteries for your swing. If you have one of the following models then you should get Energizer’s D type batteries:

  • Ingenuity DreamComfort inlighten
  • Ingenuity boutique collection swing portable

If you own one of the following models, then you should get Energizer C type batteries:

  • Ingenuity comfort go portable
  • Ingenuity comfort cradling

However, if you have the ingenuity convertme swing,  you have to buy both C and D type batteries to perform this baby swing’s entire operations. Moreover, if you have models other than the mentioned above, you can also determine the type of required battery on your baby swing description panel.


It’s very easy to change the batteries of the ingenuity baby swing. You just have to follow the mentioned-above steps. Changing the baby swing’s batteries is necessary after they go out of power, as they can’t perform the entire operations if they are low on power or entirely out of power. So just get the premium quality batteries mentioned above and replace them by following the simple steps.

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