As a new parent, a question that triggers in mind is that can a baby swing too fast? Then answer varies on various factors. The thing which should matter the most here for you is the safety of your baby. As the newborn baby’s body is very fragile that’s why he needs special care.

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You have to keep in mind that during the early age, baby’s neck muscles, valves of stomach, brain, and inner ears are still under the developmental process. So along with the speed of swing, you have to take care of the following point in order to keep your little one safe.

  • Baby swing’s speed can be varied depending upon the age of your baby. For a newborn, fast swinging is not recommended at all. However you can gradually increase the speed of the swing as your little one grows up. But still don’t increase the speed too much that it causes damage to your baby’s brain.
  • Always start the baby swing at lower speed, then you can adjust according to the comfort level of your baby.
  • Always prefer to buy a good branded baby swing, instead of low quality baby swing. A good example of a great quality baby swing is 4moms mamaroo swing.
  • Make sure that the swing you are thinking to buy should have 3 point harness or 5 point harness safety. Always use these safety belts while your little one is in the swing, especially when the swing is swinging at high speed.
  • Make sure that the swing you are using is following the standards of CPSC. Then doesn’t matter if it’s expensive baby swing or a cheap baby swing, if it’s of good quality you can go for it.

Why fast moving swing is dangerous?

As mentioned above, baby’s muscles are very fragile and are under the developmental process. That’s why it’s very difficult for baby’s weak neck muscles to hold the baby’s head. Speedy motions of a swing can create pain in baby’s head causing damage to his brain cells, which is also known as SBIS or shaken baby impact syndrome.

SBIS causes an injury, which eventually becomes hurdle in the developmental process of baby’s brain. That’s why it is necessary to take care of your baby and adjust the speed of swing according to the age and comfort level of baby.

If the  swing is swinging at a normal speed and your little one is protected with safety belts, then you don’t need to worry about it. It will be safe for your baby.


Adjust the speed according to age and the comfort level of your baby. Try not to set the swing speed at maximum level. High speed can damage the neurons of brain. Always use shoulder straps and increase speed slowly until it matches the comfort level of your baby. This is how you can use swing safely for your baby.


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