Are you looking to assemble your ingenuity baby swing? You may have bought the ingenuity baby swing, but now you face a problem while assembling it. But you don’t need to worry about it as we have got your back here. In this article, we will tell you the step-by-step guide to assembling the Ingenuity baby swing.
How to Assemble the Ingenuity Baby Swing

By following this in-depth assembly guideline, you’ll be able to use this baby swing without any worry. Make sure to follow each step so that your baby can enjoy every rocking motion of this swing.

Guidelines to assemble the Ingenuity baby swing

1. Insert batteries

insert batteries

First of all, pick up the control panel of the baby swing. Open the compartment and insert batteries in it. Batteries are used to operate all the operations of this baby swing. If you want in-depth guidelines to install or replace the batteries in swing, you can follow these guidelines to change batteries in ingenuity swing.

2. Assembling the base frame of the swing

  • After installing the batteries, please pick up the control panel (part no.6) and unfold it. When you hear the click sound, it means you have unfolded it completely.

unfold the control panel

  • Now locate the left and right frame bases (part 4,5) ¬†of the front side. After finding frame bases, insert them on the left and right side of the control panel. When you hear the click sound, then it means you have inserted them correctly. There is only one way to insert them, so don’t overthink. For safety purposes, you can recheck if they are properly locked or not.

locate and insert the left and right base panels of front

  • Now pick up the rear base frame (part 3) of the ingenuity baby swing to assemble it. Please attach it to the other side of the control panel. If you hear the click sound, then it means you have connected it correctly.

attach and assemble the rear base frame of ingenuity baby swing

  • Now pick up the right and left swing frames (part 7 & 8) of the baby swing. Extend the legs of both swing frames, and insert the all four legs of both frames into the connections of front and rear frame bases. When you hear the click sound, then it means you have inserted them correctly.

Insert Left & Right Swing Frames

  • Make sure the Ingenuity logos of both frames are facing the outward direction. Also, check that the alignment of both sides is correct.

ingenuity logos direction

3. Assemble the seat frame of your ingenuity baby swing

Insert cross arms to assemble the seat frame of ingenuity baby swing

Now pick up the cross arms (part 9) and two screws of the swing. Insert it underneath the Ingenuity logos and insert the screws in them. Now tighten the screws with a screwdriver. Make sure the triangular part of the cross frame is facing the control module. If its direction is towards the control module, it means you have inserted it correctly.

4. Attach the seat pad

Insert Seat Pad

To assemble the upper part of the ingenuity baby swing, pick up the seat pad (part 11) of the swing and fold it in half. After folding the seat, you will see the ends of the seat ( parts no 10). Insert these ends on the inside of the left and right swing frames. Once you have correctly connected them, you will hear the click sound. Before moving forward, please recheck the connections; it is necessary for the safety of your baby. Now you can unfold the seat pad.

5. Attach the headrest

attach headrest

Now find and pick up the headrest (part 2) and insert it on the seat pad’s loop. You will find the loop on the top of the seat pad. Just unhook the headrest, pass it through the loop and hook it again.

6. Attach the toy bar

attach toy bar to assemble the upper part of ingenuity baby swing

Attaching the toy bar is simple. You have to pick it up and clip it on both sides of the swing’s frame. You will notice that the toys on the toy bar are closer to the footrest. There is no other way to attach the toy bar, so don’t overthink and consider it right.

7. Attach the Ac adapter

attach ac adapter

Just pick up the ac adapter (part 13) and attach it to the cord. You will find the cord on the control pane, as it is already attached. You can use this baby swing in both ways, either on battery power or with an ac adapter.

Your Ingenuity baby swing is ready to operate now. You can put your baby inside the swing and let him/her enjoy the swinging and soothing motions of this baby swing. Still, if you face problem while swinging it, then learn why your ingenuity swing doesn’t swing.


It’s very easy to assemble the ingenuity baby swing. You have to follow the guidelines with full attention. We have mentioned all the guidelines with pictures in detail; you can follow it to assemble your baby swing. If you follow them step-by-step, then you won’t have any problem during its assembly.



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