Why Ingenuity Baby Swing Doesn’t Swing? Solved With Simple Tricks

Do you own an ingenuity baby swing? But your ingenuity baby swing doesn’t swing? You don’t need to worry about it, because we have got your back here. Ingenuity have introduced various variants of baby swings. All of them are really good baby swings. But some people faces problem that their ingenuity baby swing doesn’t swing.

Ingenuity baby swing doesnt swing by ibestbabyswing.comIt might be one of the reasons that you made few mistakes while its assembly or you are using it wrongly. So in this article we’ll mention all the possible reasons that will help you in swinging your ingenuity baby swing perfectly.

Your Ingenuity Baby Swing Doesn’t Swing Because of the Following Causes:

1. You may need to change batteries

Batteries of your Ingenuity baby swing might run out of power. Batteries doesn’t last all the time, you have to change them periodically. If you are using the vibration feature also, then batteries will die early. So you may have change its batteries after every month.

However without using vibration feature, batteries life can be extended. If the battery power is low, then there is a possibility that your baby swing may play songs but doesn’t swing. Because each component requires different voltage level. So simply change the batteries and it will be fine. If your swing’s model can operate on plug-in option as well, then you can simply check it by plugging your swing in socket.

2. Stationary seat lock

unlock stationary seat of ingenuity baby swing

Some of its models have stationary seat feature. With this feature you can lock the seat in a stationary position. If the swing is in locked position, then its seat will never swing. So make sure that you have unlocked the stationary seat from both side.

3. Sensors alignment

align the sensors of ingenuity baby swing hybridive technology

If the swing is supported by hybridrive technology then you can face problem if you haven’t assembled it properly. Few models of ingenuity baby swings like ingenuity convertme swing-2-seat, ingenuity power adapt portable swing or ingenuity swing ‘n go portable have hybrdrive technology. If you own one of these models, then you have to take care of sensor alignment while assembling them.

Because these models use hybridrive technology that helps to increase the battery life 3 times. If you will not align them properly then your baby swing will not swing. As hybridrive technology saves the battery life with the help of magnet and gravity. That’s why its proper alignment is necessary.

4. Push swing’s seat

push baby swing

All those baby swings that are supported by hybridrive technology needs little push at the start. So if you own one of such models then you have to give your baby swing little push at the start, otherwise your ingenuity baby swing will face problem while swinging.

5. Contact Customer support

All the above mentioned causes can be the reason that your ingenuity baby swing doesn’t swing. However if your baby swing doesn’t have any of the above mentioned issue, then it can be a major fault with your baby swing. In this case you should contact with the customer service of kids2.


Some people complaint that their ingenuity baby swing doesn’t swing. After analysis we found that in most cases, it’s because they haven’t assembled it properly or they were using it wrongly. We have mentioned all the possible causes that can be a problem in the swinging of ingenuity baby swing.

So you should check and match all the above mentioned causes with your case. These points will definitely help you in troubleshooting your problem. Sometimes it can be a major fault, only in this case you should contact with the manufacturer of baby swing.

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