A lot of baby swings are manufactured on a daily basis, but do baby swings expire? You may have bought a baby swing or you are thinking to buy one. But have you ever thought that how long your baby swing will keep on working? One thing is understood, that nothing in this world is going to last forever. Everything has its own lifespan.

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If we talk about the expiration date of baby swings. Then you don’t need to worry about it. Because baby swings don’t have any specific expiration date. However, their lifespan totally depends on how you take care of them. Baby swings’ lifespan depends upon the mentioned below factors. You can increase their lifespan by taking a good care of them. In this way baby swings will not expire earlier.

Lifespan of Baby Swing Depends Upon Following Factors

Quality of baby swing

If you own a good branded baby swing, having premium quality material. Then it can last for a longer period of time. These high quality baby swings are usually manufactured by famous baby swing brands like 4moms, Graco, Fisher-price, or Ingenuity.

Those baby swings, which have cheaper baby swing parts, won’t last for long period of time. There is a possibility that such baby swings will expire earlier. So quality is the very important factor in the lifespan of the baby swing.

Taking care of the baby swing

Lifespan of baby swing also depends on how you have taken care of it. Those baby swings which are kept carelessly, tend to expire earlier. That’s why in order to increase the expiration date of the baby swing, you have to take good care of it. You can keep good care of baby swing by following the points mentioned below.

  • Keep your baby swing clean. Because dust and dirt can affect the efficiency of baby swing’s motor. It will steal the shine of swing’s parts. Regular maintenance of baby swing can increase its lifespan.
  • If your baby’s age for swing has reached, so it means that baby swing is no longer in use. You should increase the life of baby swing by storing it in a safe place. You can store baby swing for your baby by dissembling baby swing and removing batteries from it. Don’t forget to remove the batteries, otherwise batteries can leak their acid, which is very dangerous for a baby swing. Battery acid can ruin the functionality of baby swings. This is how, baby swings can expire earlier. However, you can increase the lifespan by dissembling swing, removing batteries and packing it in a clean box.


Baby swings don’t come with any specific expiration date. Their lifespan depends upon the quality of baby swing and the way you take care of them. A good quality baby swing which is kept with a good care tends to last longer. However, low quality baby swings, which are kept carelessly tend to expire earlier. In simple words, we can say that, better you take care of baby swings, longer they will survive.

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