Want to know when do babies crawl? Some people are very eager to see their babies to crawl. For this purpose, they always try to buy different things which can play important role in their baby’s physical development. Initially parents use a stroller or a carrier to move their babies from one place to other. But when their baby starts crawling he doesn’t like to sit in stroller or carrier. As we know the crawling is the very first step of baby independence so it’s not easy for a baby to start crawling. We should keep an eye on latest baby care tips.

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Moreover, babies are not mentally prepare for this and hesitate to move. You need to give some boost to your baby’s to start crawling. But one’s your baby starts crawling, it will be pleasure moment for you and your baby as well. One’s your baby start crawling, Now he can move anywhere with independence. Due to this movement, your baby also starts complex movement.

When your baby try to start crawling, it is not necessary that your baby will crawl like other babies. Babies are motivated to crawl with different movements depending upon their mood. Your baby can crawl with various below movements.

  • Baby may be crawl with hands and knees
  • May be crawl with hands and feet
  • May be your baby choose belly crawling
  • Some babies also role to move
  • Some babies also move by bottom shuffling.
  • Babies also move by cruising

Baby can start its movement from any of the above mentioned way. But somehow the environment play role in your baby movement position. If you give maximum opportunity to your baby lying on his stomach probably he will crawl with hands, knees or foot. That’s the time when your baby built up their neck and shoulder muscles and readies himself for crawl. So let’s discuss the baby’s movements in brief.

1. These are the Baby’s Movements at Initial Stage

1.1 Crawl with hands and knees

when do babies crawl with hands and knees


This is the first and most used crawl by the babies to move from one place to another. This crawl movement starts when your baby suddenly awake and lye himself on his stomach. Then try to put some weight on his hands and knee muscles. This is the beginning of this movement.

One day your baby balances his weight on his hands and knees and starts moving. Some people called it creeping but I think crawls with hands and knees are more suitable which is related to actual movement. People are very nervous about the movement of babies and think about what happened if my baby starts moving after awakening.

Don’t need to worry about, you probably see some signs from baby before this movement. Some studies also suggest that babies usually start crawling between 6 to 11-month ages.

1.2 Crawl with hands and feet

baby crawl with hands and feet

You can say that it’s a second type of “crawl with hands and knees” movement but somehow it’s different from the first one. You can say that it’s a second stage of “crawl with hands and knees”. It starts with crawl with hands and knees but then the baby starts to shift his knees load to feet and move with hands and feet. Some babies don’t pull both knees up. They just pull one knee up and one down and start moving. You can say that it’s the third type of “crawl with hands and knees”. Some people called the third one “step-crawl mix”.

These crawls are linked with each other. When your baby tired of the one, he just tried the different angles. Only the first movement is not easy for babies after that they are fearless and always try different ways. But don’t keep your baby in unbalanced places during this movement it can be very dangerous for babies.

1.3 Belly Crawling

baby belly Crawling

In the belly, the crawling baby balanced himself just on hands and try to move forward with knees forces. We can also say it the commando movement as the commandos is also moved with the style. But some people are very nervous about this movement and think this is not the normal movement. You don’t need to worry about; studies say almost 50% of babies start their crawling with this movement.

Sometimes babies use both hands simultaneously to move forward other than the knee forces. You can say it the second type of belly motion. Some people say it the inchworm crawl. Don’t need to worry about if your baby doesn’t use this movement as the study says only 50% of babies use this movement. Normally babies start belly crawling in 5 to 8.5 months of age.

1.4 Rolling

Rolling Baby

As we know babies initially don’t know any movement and just start which they like. It is observed that some babies don’t use their hands and knees to move. They just move him from one place to another by just rolling his body. They just roll their body from left to right or from right to left to move. So don’t need to worry about its all-natural process.

1.5 Bottom shuffling

baby Bottom shuffling

Some people use their bottom with legs to move. They just sit up and use their legs to move forward. In this movement, baby bottom bear all their weight and legs force to move forward. The main thing in this movement is an upright position. Some people also called it scooting or hitching. Some babies also move in tripod style which is the type of bottom shuffling. We can say it step scooting. In this baby use his one arm and one leg to move.

1.6 Cruising

baby cruising

Cruising is the last stage of crawling before walking. In this movement, the baby uses one of their arms to help himself to crawl along any support. As mentioned it’s the last stage before walking o babies usually start walking after some time cruising. Cruising generally increases the baby leg muscles before actual walking. This is the movement that is used by every baby before walking. Some babies start this movement himself but sometimes parents encourage their babies by hand support for cruising. Because every parent wants to see his baby to walk early.

2. Some Tips for your baby to get crawling

Sometimes babies don’t crawl early and the parents are very nervous about it. Especially when the parents see the other babies crawl. Don’t need to worry about that, every baby has different time frames of crawl according to their environment. Normally babies crawl during the 6 to 12 months of ages. But if your baby doesn’t start crawling during this age period you can start some tactics to help your baby.

2.1 Tummy time

Baby tummy time

Try, your baby spends maximum time on his tummy. As he spends some time on his tummy he will try to move around. Try to leave your baby on the floor. If your baby won’t like this and cry you can sit it on some soft material and try that your baby can see you. When your baby spends maximum time on tummy he will gain some muscles which help him to move around.

2.2 Put your baby in wrap or sling

put baby in wrap or sling

Putting your baby in wrap or sling is also helping your baby to build up his muscles. Especially when your baby in a sling he just tries to move up his neck to see what’s going around. By doing this, his neck muscles are getting stronger.

2.3 Fun time

baby fun time

During the tummy time, you can also use some toys to entertain your baby. Try to put some toys away from your baby. So your baby will try to get these away toys and start moving. You can also use some moving toys for this purpose as these toys move away from your baby, he will catch them. Especially the trains and cars with wheels are perfect.

2.4 Time limits

Limit time for babies

Don’t put your baby in one place for a long time like swings, rockers and wrap etc. Buy portal swings these will help you manage things. Just fix a period for different purposes. Your baby needs different places to get rid of moving hear. So try to set a period for each place.

2.5 Don’t use stress approach

Dont use stress approach for babies

When the people see some other babies during crawl they just try to hang upon it. Don’t compare your baby with others. Be patient, just wait and help your baby to develop some new skills. So always try supporting your baby.


When does my baby get started crawling?

It’s totally depending upon your baby’s physical strength. Normally babies get started crawling from 6 months of age. Your baby may show some signs when he is just ready to start the crawling like:

  • Start balancing himself on his hands and knees
  • Start moving tin circular motion
  • Initiate back and forth motion on his hands
  • Try to move forward but move back
  • Move a step forward but then stop

When your baby shows any of one from above signs then your baby is almost ready to start crawling.

Can we help our baby to start crawling?

Yes, you can put your baby on the floor and sit down on the floor with your baby. Try to talk with your baby and try to balance your baby with your hand support. Sometimes you can stay back and encourage your baby to move towards you. Keep eye contact with your baby and smile to motivate your baby. Hopefully, your baby starts crawling soon when the leave baby swings.

Why some babies start crawling very early?

As it’s mentioned previously it depends upon baby physical strength. Some babies have strong muscles and start crawling soon. Usually, it’s observed that the slimmer and lankier babies start crawling soon as compared to other babies. Moreover, some research shows that babies with more tummy time are crawl early. The environment also plays an important role in your baby crawling. If you always carry your baby and don’t leave him on the floor or any flat place, he will crawl late.

How much time babies take to walk after crawling?

These are very important questions because maximum people want to see their babies to move early. But as crawling it’s very difficult to give the exact answer. Because some babies start crawling and walking at the same time while some babies may still be crawling at the age of 1 year. But research shows maximum babies start walking at the age of 8 to 9 months. Sometimes babes even skip the crawling and directly go for walking. So it completely depends on babies which they like most.

Can a baby talk before crawling and walking?

No, a baby can’t speak before crawling and walking. It’s difficult for a baby to speak for walking but one’s your baby starts walking he just open his mind and start picking the things. Normally a 1-year-old baby can speak 2 or 3 words. But at the age of 1.5 years, your baby can speak 15 to 20 words.

Is the talking early and walking early is a sign of intelligence?

Some babies pick the actions and words quickly and try to copy all these actions. Not too much but you can say that these babies are more intelligent than others. But don’t relate that with the other babies. Don’t think that your baby is not intelligent.


Crawling depends upon the physical strength of a baby. Babies start to show some signs before crawling. Normally babies starts to crawl after 6 months while some babies take a bit longer time. However you can take some steps to help baby crawl early. You can put the baby on his tummy, in this way he will try to move around. Try placing some toys around him at a little bit distance, so he will try to grab them. These kind of steps will help baby to build up his muscles and will also help him to start crawling early.

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