Have your baby grown up? But do you know! How to store a baby swing for your next baby? Because this is how, you can save a lot of your money. Buying a new baby swing will going to cost you a lot of money. So it’s better to store your current baby swing and give it your future newborn.

how to store baby swing by ibestbabyswing.comBy following this simple method, you can keep your current baby swing safe and secure. If you won’t follow the mentioned below steps, then you might end up ruining the current baby swing. Because if the machine is not is use, then it start to lose its charm and operability.

The only way to keep any device working for a longer period of time is to take special care of it. That’s why after analyzing, we thought to recommend you few steps, which will help you in increasing the life of a baby swing.

This is how you can store a baby swing for your next baby.

Once your current baby is grown up, and he don’t need baby swing anymore. Then before placing baby swing in a garage, just follow the mentioned below steps:

  • If your baby swing operate on batteries. Then you have to remove batteries, because batteries can leak acid which can be dangerous for a baby swing. Leak battery acid is very harmful for a baby swing. Also if you don’t bring out the batteries, then batteries will start to lose their life.
  • If your baby swing only operates on Ac adapter, then simply remove the Ac adapter and fold it.
  • Now dissemble the baby swing carefully. Don’t break any of its part while disassembly.
  • Now take soft and clean piece of cloth. Clean all the parts of baby swing gently. Remove all the dirt to improve the life of baby swing.
  • If your baby swing has a detachable and machine washable seat, then remove the seat and wash it before storing it.
  • Store all these parts of baby swing into its original packaging box. If you have lost its box, then you can also put its parts in any other box at your home.
  • Now you can store this box at any secure place at your home. But make sure that place is not to hot or dirty. It can be garage or cupboard or any other place which you think is suitable for it.


Taking some measures can help you in increasing the life of a baby swing. In this way you can save a lot of your hard earned money. Because baby swing is very expensive product. So we’ll suggest you to store the current baby swing for your next newborn. We have mentioned all the steps in detail that will help you in storing a baby swing. Just follow the above mentioned steps and store the baby swing for many years.

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