12 Best Baby Swings 2020 – Expert Reviews & Buyer Guide

Looking for best baby swings 2020? Our team of experts have spent a lot of their time to find out the best baby swings available in the market which can provide comfort and pleasure to your kids. To save your time for searching the best baby swing, we are here to share our experience with you. In this article we will explain all the features, pros and cons of baby swings which we have discovered during our experience.

Best baby swings 2020
Best baby swings 2020

List of 12 Best Baby Swing 2020:

ProductRating Check Price
Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing
Peaceful nap, Height adjustable, Easily portable, Speed adjustment
Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Snug 'n Secure Swing
T-bar, low priced, Adjustable straps, Weight limit 50 lbs, outdoor
Fisher-Price Snugapuppy Swing
6 speeds, Overhead mobile, Plugin option, Music, Dual motion
Graco Duet Soothe Swing Rocker Winslet
Plugin & battery, Music, Rocker, 6 speeds, Multi-direction swing
4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing
5 motions, Bluetooth control, Music, Ac adaptor, seat reclining
Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing
Comfy papasan seat, Ac adaptor, Music, 2 motions, 6 speeds
Squirrel Products Toddler Swing Seat
Big deep seat, Heavy duty chain, Weight limit 150 lbs, outdoor
Step 2 Infant to Toddler Swing Seat
Made in USA, weather resistant, weight limit 50 lbs T-bar, outdoor
Graco Sense2Soothe
8 motions, 15 Music, Rocker, Multi-direction seat
Secure Canvas Hanging Swing Seat
Canvas and wooden seat, plastic free, Big deep seat, outdoor
Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing
Plugin/Battery, Music, 16 motions, 6 speeds, Compact size, Rocker
Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable Swing
Portable, battery & plugin, silent motor, 5 point harness, Music


1. Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing, Linus

Graco slim spaces from best baby swings

It is a great quality baby swing which helps your baby to have a peaceful nap. It has a height adjustment feature. The buckles are very easy to fasten the baby in swing. You can adjust the speed of swing from gentle to quite fast for the enjoyment of your baby. This swing is easy to carry as it is light weight. You can even fold up the swing when it is not in use. This swing use 4 D cell batteries which can last over a month. It can hold up to 25 lbs of weight.


Height adjustment

You can easily adjust the height of swing’s legs from least to full size. So that you can ensure that your baby is at perfect position for full interaction.

Easily portable

This swing is light weight as it weighs only 13.5 lbs, so that you can easily move it from room to room. It also includes compact folding feature which allows you to place it anywhere. It can even fit easily into your closet.

Speed adjustment

It includes different speed mode so you can change the mode according to the mood of your baby. Speed mode can be adjusted from very gentle to quite fast.

PROS & CONS of Graco Slim Compact

  • Perfect for peaceful nap
  • Height adjustable feature
  • Easily portable
  • Can fold up easily
  • Swing speed adjustable
  • Hanging toys may not be much attractive to your kid



2. Little Tikes 2 -in- 1 Snug ‘n Secure Grow With baby Swing

little tikes 2 in 1 swing from best baby swings

This swing is made in USA. It is the outdoor swing which comes along with the rope. It is recommended for 1-4 year old kids. For the protection of baby this swing has a T-bar, which can be moved away easily if not require. It can hold weight up to 50 lbs. Your baby will love swinging comfortably and safely in this seat. The straps on this swing are adjustable to height and weight so that it can accommodate with various size babies. You can hang it outside along with the tree or with any kind of other support.



T-bar is for the safety of baby, it can protect baby while swinging and is helpful for the adjustment of baby. If the kid doesn’t require T-bar then it can be moved to the bottom of the swing.

Shoulder straps

Shoulder straps are for the safety of baby. They help baby to stay secure by holding him in place. If the baby doesn’t require shoulder straps, then they can move to the bottom of the swing.

PROS & CONS of Little Tikes

  • Pleasure of swinging
  • Swing contains T-bar
  • Low priced
  • Straps are adjustable
  • Easily adjustable
  • Can bear weight up to 50 lbs
  • Anchors are not included
  • Rope length is average



3. Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Dreams Cradle ‘n baby Swing

Fisher price sweet snugapuppy dreams cradle n swing

Its design is really cute and the seat is made up of soft fabric. The pleasant music feature helps baby to fall asleep. It has 2 swing options i.e. you can either choose head to toe or side to side option. It provides 6 different level of speed settings, so that baby can enjoy according to his/her mood. The seat of this swing is machine washable.

It has overhead toys to keep the baby engaged and a mirror so that baby can actually see his expressions. The combination of this customizable swing will provide ultra-level comfort to the baby and will help him to fall asleep. It can hold weight up to 25 lbs. This swing comes with plug-powered option so that you can save the cost of batteries. However you can also use the batteries.


6 swing speeds

Every kid has a different kind of mood, that’s why this swing provides 6 different level of speed settings. You can set the speed of swing from very low to very high according to the comfort level of your baby.

Overhead mobile

To provide the complete pleasure of swing and to make the baby fall asleep early, the swing contains music system. It contains 16 gentle songs and nature sounds. It also contains some soft hanging toys along with a mirror so that baby can see his expressions while swinging.

Seat pad

To provide complete security and comfort this swing contains seat pad for a complete body support of baby along with a newborn baby head.


To save the cost of batteries this swing comes with a plugin option. You can charge it easily at home while saving the cost of batteries.

PROS & CONS of Graco Fisher-Price Snugapuppy

  • Provide comfortable swing
  • 6 different speed modes
  • Dual motion options
  • Plug in option
  • Seat is machine washable
  • Music system
  • Size is little bit bigger



4. Graco Duet Soothe Swing Rocker Winslet baby swing

graco duet soothe swing rocker winslet best baby swing

This swing comes with both options i.e. plug in and batteries, so you can get benefit from both options. It can work as a swing and also as a rocker. For swing it can hold weight up to 25 lbs and for rocker it can hold up to 30 lbs.

It provides comfort and makes the baby relax through its vibration and speed setting modes. The swing can work in multi-directional ways. With these options baby can enjoy swing in back-and-forth or side-to-side ways.

For the optimum level of enjoyment, this swing also has a music feature in it, so that baby can enjoy while swinging. To match the comfort level of baby, this swing has 6-speed settings so that you can adjust speed according to the mood of your baby.


Plug in or use batteries

You can use this swing in both ways. If you want to save cost then you can use the plug in option. On the other hand for convenience and portability, use of batteries is recommended.

6 swing speeds

Speed of the swing can be adjusted at 6 different levels. According to the mood of baby you can adjust its speed from low to high at 6 different levels.

Music feature

The music feature allows baby to have the maximum level of enjoyment. It includes 10 melodies and 5 nature sounds to provide the baby complete relaxation.

Baby rocker

The swing seat is detachable which can be used as a baby rocker. In the rocker mode you can keep your baby along with you while moving into the house.

Multi-directional swings

With this option you can change the swing type to make baby more comfortable. You can either move swing back-and-forth or side-to-side.

PROS & CONS of  Graco Duet Soothe Swing

  • Makes baby relax
  • Dual option i.e. plug in and batteries
  • Multi directional swing options.
  • 6 swing speed settings
  • Vibrations
  • Music feature
  • Can be used as a rocker
  • It is little bit heavy



5. 4moms mamaRoo 4 Baby Swing

4moms mamaroo from best baby swings

This is one of the most modern looking and glossiest swing available in the market. The material used in it is very smooth and the seat is so comfortable. Seat is made up of fabric and is machine washable. This swing is Bluetooth enabled which can be controlled with Bluetooth enabled smart phone. The app allows you to control swing using the smartphone, app is very user friendly.

You don’t need to spend on batteries as this swing comes with Ac adapter. This swing can be reclined to match the comfort level of baby. It has five different motion settings which is also controllable through app. Weight limit is 25 lbs for this swing. However this swing is little expensive but because of great features it’s completely worth it. If you are looking for swing for small space, get that one.


5 unique motions

It provides 5 different kind of motions to keep the baby relax. It moves like parents move while swinging the baby. Different motions include up-and-down, side to side, movement like tree swing and like a car ride. Speed is also adjustable at 5 different levels.

Bluetooth enabled

Bluetooth feature allows you to control the swing from Bluetooth enabled device like smartphone. It works with the help of an app, which is very user friendly. You can control the movement of swing, change the speed or even can play the music of your own choice by using the app. Android version of at least 4.3 or IOS 9.0 is required for this app.

Seat reclining

Seat is able to recline at any level to match the comfort level of baby.

PROS & CONS of 4moms Mamaroo

  • 5 motion settings
  • Small and compact size
  • Glossy & modern design
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • 5 speed settings
  • Sound system
  • Mp3 plugin
  • Can be controlled with smartphone
  • Ac adapter
  • Little expensive



6. Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle baby Swing, Mocha butterfly

Fisher price papson cradle swing, mocha butterfly best baby swing

This swing is made in USA. It has comfortable papasan seat made up of fabric and it is machine washable. To keep smile on baby’s face it has Butterfly toys hanging overhead. Music feature is installed so that baby can listen to it while enjoying the swing. Color scheme is light pink with dark chocolate. Sides of swing is covered with soft canopy. It also has a night light feature which gives a colorful glow while the keeps on butterfly rotating.

Though it comes with Ac adapter but if you want to use batteries then you can also you them. You can adjust the speed of motion according to your choice. Seat can be adjusted at 3 different positions to meet the comfort level of baby. The weight limit of this swing is 25 lbs.



It comes with plugin option so you can use the swing without any tension of batteries cost. Plugin option can save a lot of cost, and makes you tension free from changing batteries again and again.

2-way motion

You can set the way of motion according to your baby’s mood. It can be either head to toe or side to side motion.

6 swing speeds

You have the option to adjust the speed of swing in a way you baby likes it. You can change it from very gentle to very high.


For the entertainment of baby it has butterflies floating overhead of baby, so he can play with them. Music system with 16 songs and sounds is also available to soothe the baby.

Adjustable Seat positions

You can also adjust the position of seat according to your baby’s choice. It can be in the center or it can be left side facing or right side facing. You also have the option to recline the seat at 2 different positions.

PROS & CONS of Fisher-Price Papasan

  • Comfortable seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes Ac adapter
  • 2-way motions
  • 6 speed settings
  • Overhead mobile
  • Music system
  • 3 Adjustable seat positions
  • Music turns off automatically after completing its cycle



7. Squirrel Products High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing Seat

squirrel products toddler swing seat reviews

It’s the outdoor swing for toddlers. This swing is of highest quality and is very durable. It gives the feel of high quality playground equipment. Chains are also heavy duty and are pretty lengthy. It is perfect for outdoor enjoyment.

Its installation is very simple, you just need to hang it at a suitable height. The seat is pretty big and very deep which makes it secure for toddlers. It is recommended for the kids older than 6 months. Read our complete guide on bigger baby swings.


Heavy duty chain

It contains 66 inches long highest quality chain. Almost half of the chain is covered with great quality plastic for the protection of kid. If the chain is lengthy for the place, then it can be shortened easily.

Big and deep sized seat

The seat is made up of highest quality material. Seat’s size is big and deep enough that protects the toddler from falling out.

PROS & CONS of Squirrel Products Toddler Swing

  • Very durable and heavy duty
  • Can hold weight up to 150 lbs
  • Very easy to install
  • Lengthy chain which can be shortened easily if required.
  • Not suitable for kids under 6 months



8. Step 2 Infant To Toddler Swing Seat

step 2 infant to toddler swing seat reviews

This swing is made in USA. It is an outdoor swing for both infants and toddlers. Good quality material is used for rope and seat. For the protection of baby it contains T-bar along with straps. Straps help to hold baby securely in a proper and comfortable place. Baby can enjoy comfortable swinging in this swing. It can hold weight up to 50 lbs.


Weather resistant swing

Both swing and rope are of good quality and both are weather resistant. It has the capability to survive under rainy condition. Extreme weather condition doesn’t ruin its quality.

T-bar and straps

For the protection of baby T-bar and straps are used. They hold the baby while securing him from falling so that baby can fearlessly enjoy swinging.

PROS & CONS of Step 2 Infant to Toddler

  • Good quality weather resistant swing and rope
  • Contains T-bar along with straps
  • Weight limit is 50lbs
  • Very easy to clean
  • Average rope length



9. Graco Sense2Soothe Baby Swing with Cry Detection

Graco Sense2Soothe best baby swing

It is one of the most advanced baby swing available in the market with multiple options. The swing seat is very soft, comfortable. You can adjust its speed at 3 different levels according to the mood of baby. To make baby more relax while swinging, this swing has a music feature installed in it. Seat is able to move at multiple directions. You can even remove the seat to use it as baby rocker. To keep the baby engaged soft toys and adjustable mobile is present overhead. It is powered by adaptor.


8 soothing motions

This swing offers total 8 different kind of motions i.e.  8 different ways include bouncing, figure 8 motion, circle, zig zag motion, arch, sway, swing and in a wave motion.

3 different speeds

3 different speed levels are available to provide more comfort.

Removable rocker

You can detach the swing seat to use it as a rocker. This will allow you to keep baby along with you while moving into the house.


It offers various options for the entertainment of baby. An adjustable mobile with some soft toys are present overhead to keep the baby engaged. Music option is also available i.e. you can choose from pre-installed 15 songs and sounds for the entertainment of baby.  You can mute it if you don’t want to play sound.

PROS & CONS of Graco Everyway Soother

  • Comfortable seat
  • Compact size
  • 3 adjustable swing speeds
  • Multi direction seat
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Easy to assemble
  • Little pricey



10. Secure Canvas Hanging Swing Seat

secure canvas hanging best baby swing seat

This baby swing is made from premium quality wood and canvas. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor swinging. Both 6 months old infants and toddlers can enjoy swinging on it. It comes along with metal carabiners and a rope.

This swing is deep enough from inside to keep the kid secure from falling out. The little pillow seat available in it makes the kid feel more comfortable. It’s easy to adjust the sides of swing to make it even while hanging.


Canvas and wooden seat

To make it more comfortable, premium quality canvas and wooden structure is used instead of plastic to manufacture seat. Seat is big and deep enough to keep the baby secure from falling out.

Adjustable rope

Rope length is 57 inches which can be adjusted easily if needed.

PROS & CONS of Secure Canvas Hanging Swing

  • Plastic free
  • Comfortable and soft canvas seat
  • Safe and secure
  • Big and deep from inside
  • Great quality material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Carabiner clips are included
  • Not recommended for child under 6 months



11. Graco Glider LX Gliding Swing

graco glider lx gliding swing

This swing gives you both options i.e. Plugin and batteries. Plugin option can help you in saving cost, however batteries can help you in portability. This swing also have the timer option which can help you in saving the battery life. It has a very roomy seat, which is very soft and comfortable.  Seat can be reclined at 3 different positions.

You can adjust the speed settings at six different levels according to the baby’s mood. It also contains toys hanging overhead so that baby can play with them. Vibration at two different speed level is also available in this swing to keep the baby cozy. Vibration can help your baby fall asleep. For the entertainment of baby, music system is also installed in this swing. It can hold weight up to 30 lbs.


Dual power options

This swing offers you both options i.e. either you can choose plugin or batteries option. Plugin option can help you in saving a lot of cost, however batteries option is suitable for convenience and portability.


This swing offers toy bar containing toys hanging over the head of baby, so that baby can play with them. Moreover, it has music system installed in it. It contains 10 songs and 5 nature sounds like static, heartbeat, and rain etc. You can control the sound volume from low to high.

Safety straps

For the security of baby this swing contains 5 point straps, which can hold and protect baby from falling out.

Vibration and speed levels

This swing has six speed levels from very low to very high. You can set the speed level according to the baby’s mood, so that can enjoy swinging. It also has a vibration feature which you can use upon detaching the swing seat. Vibration feature has 2 different settings. This feature is useful to make baby relax and help to fall asleep early.

PROS & CONS of Graco Glider LX

  • Covers so much less space
  • Roomy and comfortable seat
  • Easy to setup
  • Both options i.e. plugin or batteries
  • Timer feature
  • 2 vibration settings
  • 6 speed settings
  • Safety straps
  • Music system
  • It doesn’t have side to side motion



12. Ingenuity Power Adapt Portable baby Swing

Ingenuity power adapt portable swing

The best thing of this swing is portability. It’s easy to move from one place to another as you can completely fold it and can take it wherever you want. It has built in music device where you can play different songs. You can adjust the volume at three different levels i.e. low, medium and high.

Another point which differentiate it from the other swing is its extra silent motor. Its plugin cord is very lengthy that you can move at a great distance in your house even after its plugged in. its timer settings allow you to save batteries. You can adjust its motion speed at 5 different level to make baby more comfortable. Its maximum age limit is 9 months


Portable design

You can easily fold the swing and due to its light weight you can easily take it from one place to another. Get more portable swings.

Dual power options

This swing offers you both options so that you can choose according to your preference. If you are at home than you can use the plugin option which is cost effective. If you want to travel then you can use the batteries. It also have the timer option at three different settings i.e. 30, 45, and 60 minutes. In case if you are using batteries then this timer option can help you to save the battery life.

5 point harness safety

In order to keep the baby safe and in proper comfortable position this swing has 5 point harness.

PROS & CONS of Ingenuity Power Adapt

  • Portable design
  • Plugin Cord is very lengthy
  • Easy to assemble
  • 5 speed levels
  • Both options i.e. plugin and batteries
  • 3 timer settings
  • Extra silent motor
  • 5 point harness safety
  • It doesn’t have side to side motion


How do I choose a best baby swing?

Choosing the right baby swing for your baby can be really tricky sometimes, that’s why you should kept in mind the following factors before choosing the swing for your baby.

Swing type

There are various types of swings available in the market some are basic swings with no special functionality while some are equipped with modern features. So it depends upon your choice that which is suitable for you. Choice should be made according to the size and portability of swing. If you have plenty of space at your home then definitely you can choose any kind of big sized swing for your little one, otherwise you should choose the smaller and potable swing.

Some swings require batteries only so they are suitable for convenience and portability. On the other hand some swings offer plugin option which is suitable for saving cost of batteries.

Weight limit

Weight limit also varies from swing to swing. Most of the swings available in the market are suitable for infants while each swing offers different maximum weight limit for toddlers. So you should look at the description of baby swing. If your baby’s age and weight falls under the maximum weight limit of swing then you should consider buying it.

Brand of swing

Brand name gives you satisfaction as they have a lot of experience in the market for the certain product. Choosing the right brand is recommended for ultimate durability, performance, safety, and comfort level of baby swing. All the brands mentioned above are highly satisfactory and all are tested by our product experts. So before making a buying decision make sure you are choosing the right brand.

Seat of the swing

All the comfort level and safety of your child is mainly depends upon the seat of baby swing. So check the material of seat. Is it comfortable? Which material they have used to manufacture the seat? Is the seat easily cleanable? Is the swing have feature to recline seat at different level? Because every baby has its own comfort level and feels comfortable at different reclined position. All these things play vital role in comfort level and happiness of your baby.


When it comes to safety and security of baby, it plays the major role for this purpose. Some swings offer 3 point harness while some has 5 point harness. Harness helps to keep the baby secure, and hold him in a proper comfortable position. Harness also gives you the peace of mind that your baby is safe, so you can do your work peacefully.

Entertainment system

Some swings now a days come with a lot of entertainment options for the optimal enjoyment of your baby. They offer hanging toys overhead so that baby can play with them while swinging. Some swings have music system installed in it, so that baby can listen to it and feel relax. Sounds and songs are pre-installed in it, you can choose from those sounds and can control the volume from low to high.

There are other also some swings available in the market like 4moms Mamaroo which offers the additional Bluetooth feature. With this feature you can control the whole swing features including music using your smartphone. You can even can play the songs of your own choice from smartphone.

These features can help you keep the baby entertained and are also helpful to make him fall asleep.

Swing’s adjustability

Adjustability also plays the important role in the comfort level of your baby. More the customization swing will provide, the more comfort level you will be able to achieve.

  • Adjustability of speed

Every baby has a different comfort level some babies like fast speed motions while some like slow speed motions. That’s why some swings offer you to adjust the speed of swing from low to high according to the mood of your baby. So that baby can enjoy comfortably while swinging.

  • Swinging motions

Many swing offers you different kind of motions in two directions i.e. front and back or side to side direction. Different motions helps you to keep baby happy by moving him in different ways.



It’s important factor while buying the product, some swings are budget friendly while some are too expensive. However expensive swings also comes with a lot of additional features. If you can afford expensive swing the buy it, because it will provide you additional benefits.

Just keep in mind one thing before buying any swing, is the swing good value to money? If yes, then go for it. We have covered all the best value to money baby swings in our article. So if you want to know about these swings then scroll up the page.



What are the best swings for baby?

All the baby swings mentioned above are the best swings for baby available in the market. All are tested by our product experts and they all are made up of high quality material and are comfortable swings. However they are differentiated from each other based on unique features.

Is swing good for infant?

Yes, it is really good for infants. As it helps to soothe the baby, makes him relax and brings smile on baby’s face. Features like vibration and different swinging motions help baby to fall asleep early. By putting baby on the swing seat, you can easily do your daily routine work peacefully.

What’s the difference between a baby swing and a rocker?

Baby Swing

Baby swing can be used for the newborns. It contains roomy and comfortable seat, generally made up of fabric, which can be reclined at different positions. Most of the swings now a days are electrically operated. They move in 2 different ways i.e. front and back or side to side. They contains different kind of motion settings like circle, zig zag, sway, and wave etc.

You can even adjust the speed of the motions to make baby more comfortable. It covers more space than the rockers. Generally, baby up to 3 years old or weighs 30 lbs can use baby swing (depends upon the manufacturer). In most cases, baby swing is more costly than the baby rocker.

Baby Rocker

Rockers are also used for newborns. Generally they are made up of plastic and wood. They occupy less space than the swing. Either they are manually operated or electronically. For manual rockers you have to push them with hand or even they move with the movement of baby. Electronic operated rockers require batteries and move with electric power. They have vibration feature at 2 different speed level which helps a lot to soothe the baby.

Is sleeping in a swing bad for baby?

Babies fall asleep in swings, and it’s ok to let them sleep for short period of time. But it’s not recommended to let them sleep in a swing for hours. Once the fall asleep in a swing, then bring them out and put them on a flat surface.

What is the best baby swing?

Although all the baby swings mentioned above are really good value to money, however according to our product experts Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing is the best swing.

Does baby swing help colic?

Yes, baby swing is considered to be one of the most effective solution to treat colic. Colic is a common problem found in newborns. Due to this problem, baby keeps on crying for hours and it causes pain in their abdomen. Baby swing soothes the baby and makes him calm by different kind of motions. Get specialized swings for colic.


Baby swings help to soothe babies, make them relax. These swings vary from each other based on price and features. Some swings are meant for outdoor purposes while some are for indoor use. Baby swings offer different kind of motions at different speed levels. Some swings require batteries while some have plugin option. Baby swing is considered to be a necessity for babies, because it is the easiest way to make them happy and relax.

Although all the swings mentioned above are very good value to money and all are tested by our experts but according to them if you are looking for basic outdoor swing for kids above 6 months old then you can go for Squirrel Products High Back Full Bucket Toddler Swing. If you want best baby swing with modern features then you should consider Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing which is considered to be the best baby swing.

If you can afford luxurious baby swing with most advanced technology then you should consider 4moms mamaroo Baby Swing.

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