4Moms Mamaroo is one of the most popular baby swings on the market today. It has been favorably reviewed by many parents. We were curious if it was really the best baby swing out there or if there were other options that might be better. So, we decided to do an in-depth review of 4Moms Mamaroo to find out exactly what makes it so special.

4moms mamaroo review by ibestbabyswing

4moms mamaRoo is the most expensive baby swing on the market of the baby swings. This swing is most costly due to its advanced features and premium quality, which you can’t find in any other swing. Moreover, this swing is ahead in every aspect compared to other swings.

4moms mamaroo 4 Baby Swing - Classic Nylon Fabric review


This article will give you a detailed review of the quality, features, and performance of 4moms mamaroo.

Review of its Features

Swinging motions

The five swinging motions give this swing an edge over various other swings because it’s really hard to find the variety of different motions in a single device.

Mamaroo can swing in the following motions:

  • Kangaroo
  • Car ride
  • Wave
  • Tree swing
  • Rock-a-bye

All these motions try to mimic the mother’s motions holding a baby in her hand. The major benefit of having a variety of swinging options is that the baby doesn’t get bored easily. Usually, babies get bored with the same kind of swinging motions. However, you can change the motion type according to your baby’s mood with this swing.

You can also adjust the speed settings at five different levels. We are not saying that these are the maximum speed levels you can get in a swing because there are other swings in the market that offer more than 5-speed levels. Slow speed is recommended for a one-month-old baby. However, increase the speed with their age.

Bluetooth control

This feature sounds cool? Yes, it is because this feature is very rare in baby swings. Only a few baby swings contain this feature, and 4moms mamaroo is one of them. Whether you are an android or an iPhone user, you can control all the features of this swing with your phone. Your phone can control swinging motions, speed, and even music. You just have to connect your phone with this baby swing. Don’t know how to connect? Please follow this guide to connect your phone to mamaroo.

This feature not only sounds cool, but it is actually really beneficial. Most of the time, you are not close to the swing. You might be busy doing other chores at home. That’s why you can’t come close to the swing every minute leaving your tasks. However, with this feature, you can keep doing your chores while controlling the swing at the same time.


Mamaroo runs with an Ac adapter. This option is very beneficial for saving a lot of costs because changing batteries after some time costs more than electricity cost. Moreover, you can save yourself from the tension of changing the batteries. Mamaroo doesn’t have a battery option; that’s why you can’t get the benefit of convenience you get from battery-operated swings. The batteries option gives you the freedom to take the swing anywhere you want, even on a picnic. However, you are bound to place the swing near the socket with the Ac adapter feature.

Some baby swings give both power options; they can work on both batteries and an Ac adapter. However, mamaroo gives you only a plugin option.

Seat Reclining

The infinite recline positions of this swing is another feature that gives it an edge over other swings. Most of the swings give you 2-3 reclining positions. However, you can recline the mamaroo at any position your baby feels comfortable.

Weight limit

The weight limit is pretty decent. You can use it for your newborn baby until they reach 25 lbs. of weight. That’s the standard weight limit that most baby swings offer. However, few swings can only hold 20 lbs. of weight, and only a few swings offer 30 lbs. of the weight limit. Mamaroo lies between them, which is a pretty decent weight limit for a six-month-old baby.


Mamaroo doesn’t have too many built-in sounds; it only has four built-in sounds. However, it lets you play songs of your own choice through its mp3 plugin feature.

Seat Material

The seat quality is really good, giving the kids a comfortable experience. Their seat comes in 3 different materials; that’s why you may find mamaroo swings at different prices. Many people get confused and don’t understand why mamaroo charges different prices for swings with the same features. Let us tell you, all the mamaroo have the same functionality, but they come with different seat covers. All are machine washable.

We always recommend people get the baby swing with a machine-washable seat because they can make the seat dirty by spitting up food or leaking their diaper. Babies are sensitive and can easily get infected. That’s why a hygienic seat is necessary to protect them from diseases. If the seat is machine washable, you can keep it clean every time it gets dirty. Let’s review different seats of 4moms mamaroo.

Plush seat

The plush is a fabric that is less dense than velvet. It gives a soft blanket-like feeling to the baby. You can get plush seat mamaroo in two colors, silver, and multi-color.

Classic seat fabric

It is a nylon fabric that gives a very smooth feel to the baby. This seat cover comes in black and grey color.

Cool mesh

It is a nest knit fabric that is breathable and keeps the baby comfortable all the time. It comes in dark grey color.

Three reversible toys

It doesn’t matter how luxurious the swing is; you can’t ignore the importance of toys for a baby. Babies love playing with toys. That’s the reason we think mamaroo has placed three toys over the head. It can grab a baby’s attention. Baby can play with them while enjoying the swinging motions. Moreover, the toys are reversible; you can change the side whenever the baby becomes bored to one side.

There is only one thing that we don’t like in these toys; they are completely motionless. If you look at the toy bar of other swings, they move when you touch them. Moving toys grab more baby’s attention, and the baby enjoys more while playing with such toys. However, the mamaroo’s toys are fixed. We think if the toys were moving instead of reversible, that would have been a much better option.

Harness safety

We have analyzed various swings. Some don’t even have the harness safety belts, some have 3-point harness safety, and only a few have 5-point harness safety. Mamaroo is among those offering 5-point harness safety.

A 5-point harness is a really good level of safety. This belt system keeps the baby safe from falling off the swing and keeps them in a proper position. We really loved it because it makes you completely tension free. You can do your other tasks at home without being worried about your baby. We believe you can only enjoy using the swing from your mobile phone because of the 5-point harness. If the swing doesn’t have safety belts, you’ll be continuously thinking about your baby while doing your work.

How to choose a perfect 4moms mamaRoo baby swing?

When you are looking to buy a 4moms mamaRoo baby swing, you don’t have to struggle a lot because all the variants of the mamaroo swing have the same features; they only differ in seat quality. The most expensive swing of the 4moms mamaRoo has a seat with some softer and more comfortable material. But the other features are almost the same as the rest of the 4moms mamaroo baby swings. All of them don’t require any battery to operate other than the car seat, which needs batteries to move outdoor for your baby. All these are plugin baby swings. But still, you can focus on some points.

  • You can decide your price range, as they are slightly different in their price ranges.
  • If you don’t have any problem with money, you can go for the most expensive one with a more comfortable seat.
  • Have you read the detailed 4moms mamaroo review of that particular swing?
  • Are you satisfied with your purchase decision?

These are some general points that can help you buy a perfect 4moms mamaRoo baby swing.

FAQs by 4moms mamaRoo swing users:-

What is the weight limit for 4moms mamaRoo swings?

As discussed above, all the 4moms mamaRoo swings have almost the same weight limit. These swings have only a slight difference in their features. You can use these swings from your child’s birth until he reaches the maximum weight limit of 25lbs.

Can my baby sleep in 4moms mamaRoo swing?

Usually, it’s not recommended for the babies to sleep in the baby swing, either its 4moms mamaroo or the other baby swing, because baby swings don’t have a flat surface. Baby swings are meant to soothe your baby. You can wait until the baby falls asleep in the baby swing due to its soothing motions. But once he falls asleep, then you can bring him out of the baby swing and lie him on a flat surface or the flat and comfortable baby mattress.

What is the difference between 4moms mamaRoo and rockaRoo?

The 4moms mamaRoo is much like a traditional baby swing, which can move in directions, compared to 4moms rockaRoo, which can rock like the rocking horse. 4moms rockaroo can only move in the to-and-fro movement. It depends upon your choice, which kind of movement you’ll prefer. There is also a price difference between 4moms mamaroo and 4moms rockaroo. Mamaroo is more expensive than the rockaroo.

Can we adjust the 4moms mamaRoo in a flat position for newborn babies?

The 4moms mamaRoo swing provides you with the maximum recline position to adjust according to your desire. You can nearly set the 4moms mamaRoo swing in a flat position.

Is the mamaRoo safe for my baby?

Yes, the mamaRoo swing has a safer swing seat than all other swings on the market. Moreover, the harness point safety of this swing makes it very safe for your baby.


Overall, we really loved the swing. We didn’t like only a few things as told in the article. However, those things can be ignored because we can’t expect 100% from any product. Every product has some pros and cons. Moreover, we must say the swing is really expensive that everyone can’t afford, but if it fits into your budget, we recommend you go for this swing. This swing’s features, quality, and performance make it completely worth the money. We hope you have enjoyed this 4moms mamaroo review. If you have something in mind that you want to share with us regarding this swing, feel free to let us know in the comment section.


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