Does your baby hates swing? Baby swing is the only device that can give rest to mother’s hands and provide comfort to baby at the same time. Because of baby swing you and your baby can relax and have some rest. But your days can become worst if your baby hates swing.

Before you find the actual cause, first make sure your baby actually hates swings. It is also possible that your baby is crying due to reflux. In reflux, you have to lie baby in the swing’s upright position, and that’s how you can heal reflux using a swing. If he/she is going through reflux, then he/she spit up the food and starts crying due to a burning sensation in the chest. If you don’t notice such signs and baby cries whenever you put him/her in the swing, then it means your baby actually hates swing, and you have to make him like the swing.

Baby hates swing by ibestbabyswing.comBecause if your baby hates swings, you have to pick your baby all time, trying to make him/her relax. Your arms will get tired and if you’ll put your baby again in a swing, then he’ll start to cry again. But you don’t need to worry about it, because we have got your back here.

In this article we are going to share some tips that will help your baby to like the swing. By following these tips, you’ll have peace in your life again. Because your baby will spend time enjoying in a swing and you will also be able to give some rest to your arms.

Follow these Tips & Your Baby Will Start to Like the Swing

Try Swaddling your baby

Swaddling is very important step. As it provides baby comfort and give him/her a proper feel that he/she is secure. If a baby is not feeling secure then he might hates swing. That’s why it is necessary to make him feel secure through swaddling.

Swaddling also makes baby feel that he is in mother’s womb. So hold your baby tightly from arms portion and little loose from legs portion. Then slowly put him in a baby swing.

Try giving him a pacifier

Pacifier can work like a charm. But use pacifier only if your baby is at least 3-4 weeks old. A good pacifier can keep your baby engaged and make him relax. It can also help in making your baby fall asleep. As babies usually fall asleep while sucking pacifiers.

As baby spends day and night in making a sucking motion. Even in his dreams, he make sucking motion. Pacifier gives baby a feel that he is sucking his mother’s breast. So a pacifier can work like a charm here. Once he is comfortable with pacifier and enjoying it, he’ll start to love baby swing as well.

Use white noise

Sometimes baby hates swing when he doesn’t like the environment, but you can make environment peaceful with the white noise. White noise plays very major role in soothing a baby or in making him fall asleep. You can use white noise while trying to make him calm in a baby swing. Nowadays there are various toys that produce white noise. Even you can download an application in your phone.

So you can play a white noise from your phone. Even you can find a lot of white noises on YouTube. It is really helpful and your baby will start to like the baby swing.

Place anything in a swing that smells like his mother

Did you know! A baby can smell his mother. His mother’s smell give him feel that he is close to his mother. So you can put a piece of mother’s cloth near to baby’s head or you can put little breast milk on a piece of cloth and place it near to baby’s head.

This will give baby a feel that he is close to his mother and he’ll lie peacefully in a swing. In this way he will start to like baby swing. Never put heavy or bulky clothes near to baby’s head as it can cause suffocation. Always chose a thin and light weight clothe.

Never lay him in a swing with empty belly

If a baby is not fully fed then he is not going to be happy. So before laying him in a swing, make sure he is fully fed. Otherwise your baby will definitely hates swing. If you have fed your baby fully, then you will notice smile on his face.

Never put him in a swing immediately after giving him a milk. Otherwise your baby will hate swing. Give him proper milk or banana baby food and then make sure that your baby has burped. After being burped, put him in a swing and he’ll love the swing.

Try using baby swing manually

There are a lot of baby swings in market, which produce loud noise. Some babies don’t like loud noise, they prefer to stay in a calm and peaceful environment. So if this is the case, then you will notice that your baby hates swing. So in this case try to move baby swing’s seat manually with your hand and play white noise or some soothing light music.

Once your baby starts to feel comfortable and starts become dizzy, then you can turn on the motor of baby swing. But start with lowest speed possible, then you can gradually increase the speed. But never chose the highest speed settings.

Tip for parents

All the above mentioned ways are very effective, but you have to keep your patience level high. As your baby will start to like swing gradually. So establish a routine and practice all the above mentioned ways regularly. This is the key to success.


There is a possibility that your baby hates swing. In this case, whenever you put him in a swing, he starts to cry. But we have described all the possible ways that can help you out. But following the above mentioned tips, your baby will definitely starts to like the swing.

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