Are you searching for Baby wipes ingredients? Many brands in market are making baby wipes, but not all of them disclose the baby wipes ingredients publicly on their website. You have to go to market and then you can check their ingredients from their packaging. Here we will disclose and explain all the ingredients of baby wipes.

Baby wipes ingredients

Baby wipe is used to clean the sensitive skin of baby. It is a disposable cloth which is made up of non-woven fabric. It is saturated with cleansing solution. Physically it’s a moisturized paper, but it is formulated with many hidden ingredients. You can find the list of ingredients on the packaging of wipes.

To keep the baby wipes moist, it is usually available in the Packaging of plastic tub. So let’s discuss the common ingredients which are found in baby wipes. But wait, do you know when do babies crawl?

 Here Are Some Common Baby Wipes Ingredients

1. Non-Woven Fabric

non woven fabric baby wipes ingredients

The main material which is used to make baby wipe is non-woven fabric. It is just like the material which can be found in diapers. If we talk about the traditional fabric then it is the mixture of fibers of silk, polyester, cotton, and wool. These fibers are weaved together to form the loop of interlocking matrix.

But the non-woven fabric is made with little different process. In this process a single sheet of separate fibers is formed. Plastic resins like polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene and fibers like rayon and cotton are used in this process.

2. Sorbates


Baby wipes include sorbates, as it is water soluble which makes it really useful for wipes. You can find it on the list of ingredients of baby wipes. It will be either sodium sorbate or potassium sorbate. It is very useful compound which is used as a preservative on baby wipes.

3. Water


Water makes the wipes moist. It is present in the amount of more than 90% in the solution, while other ingredients are present in few amount. This moistening solution makes the wipes moist.

4. Benzoates


On the list of ingredients you can find it as sodium benzoate, because it is formed when it is combined with another chemical. It is a preservative which is also water soluble. In some wipes it is used as an alternative for other preservative and in some wipes it is used along with other preservative.

5. Phenoxyethanol


It is a preservative which is used to kill bacteria. Phenoxyethanol is a colorless oily liquid. This liquid can also be found in other skincare and cosmetic products. It is used as a preservative and also it helps to prevent separation of chemicals in liquid.

6. Glycerin


Glycerin is a very common ingredient which can be found in a lot of other pharmaceutical products as well. It is a thick, colorless, and odorless liquid which is used as a base for adding other ingredients. It is really helpful in making the products smooth and in baby wipes it helps in making the wipe comfortable for the skin of baby.

7. Parabens


It is the most common compound which can be found in many other cosmetic products. It is also a preservative but additionally it also contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. You can find it on the ingredient list as Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, Methylparaben, Isopropylparaben or Butylparaben. They have different properties but all of them are used for the same purpose.

8. Phthalates (for fragrance purpose)

baby wipes ingredients - phthalates fragrance

It’s very hard to find the word phthalates written on the ingredient list. You can find it written as fragrance or perfume. However fragrance can cause allergy and dermatitis to skin. Not all the brands contain fragrance, there are only few brands which include fragrance in baby wipes. Read our baby care tips.

It’s better to used wipes that are fragrance free. Remember there is still a difference between unscented and fragrance free wipes. Baby wipes which are fragrance free are safer than those which are unscented.

Unscented baby wipes

Wipes which are unscented contains chemicals which helps to eliminate the smell of other ingredients.

Fragrance free baby wipes

Those which claims to be fragrance free, means they doesn’t contain any kind of chemical to eliminate the smell of other ingredients.

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What are baby wipes made out of?

Baby wipes is made up of non-woven fabric material. It is saturated with gentle cleansing solution. Ingredients include Water, Paraben, Glycerin, Benzoates, and Sorbates etc. For complete detail, please scroll up the page.

Do all baby wipes contain alcohol?

Now a days it’s very difficult to find alcohol in baby wipes. Most of the baby wipes especially the natural baby wipes are alcohol free.

Do baby wipes actually clean?

Baby wipes are really effective in cleaning the baby’s bottom. It helps the newborn through cleansing in maintaining the healthy looking skin. It’s very soft material which feels very gentle on the baby’s skin. Wipes help to clean out every crease of the baby’s bottom.


Baby wipe is a soft non-woven fabric paper, which is very effective in cleaning the baby’s skin. Common ingredients which can be found in baby wipes are Glycerin, Parabens, Water, Sorbates, Phenoxyethanol, and Benzoate. Ingredients may vary somehow depending upon the brand. You just need to be aware of these basic ingredients. At the end thing which matters is the quality of wipe. So do a little research and get the best baby wipe for your little one, meanwhile you can check our best baby swings.




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