No doubt, 4moms mamaRoo is the most expensive swing, but is the mamaRoo worth it? Even when we think about the luxury baby swing, then the first name that comes in our mind is mamaRoo. 4moms has always targeted the upper class. All their products are very expensive, that not everyone can afford these products.

Is the mamaRoo worth it by ibestbabyswing.comA lot of luxury items are available in the market in every product category. The common question of most of the people about every luxury product is “is it worth it?” Now the same is the case with mamaroo. Mostly people think that this baby swing is too much expensive. No doubt, it is really expensive, but the features of mamaroo, its build quality make it completely worth the money. Even though some babies hate swings, but due to the mamaroo’s advanced features, babies start loving it.

In this article, we’ll talk about those features and build quality that makes 4moms mamaroo worth the money.

What makes the mamaroo worth it?

Build quality

The build quality of 4moms mamaroo is superb. As superior quality material is used in its manufacturing. You can feel its worth after touching its parts. The great quality plastic material and its plush fabric seat give you a proper feel of a luxury item. Its seat is so comfortable that your baby can enjoy every moment in this swing comfortably.

5 Unique swinging motions

Normally baby swings offer 2 to 3 swinging motions. But mamaroo offers 5 swinging motions, which are enough to properly mimic the motions of mother’s hands. Even its motions are very unique, which you can’t find in any other swing. Its swinging motions include motions like kangaroo, car ride, wave, tree swing, and rock a bye. These unique motions make mamaroo worth the money.

Bluetooth Enabled

There are only 2-3 swings in the market that provide a Bluetooth feature, and mamaRoo is one of them. With this feature you can connect this baby swing with your smartphone. After connecting via application, you can control all functions with a smartphone. Those functions include, swinging motions, music of your own choice etc. So you can use baby swing from a distance without disturbing your baby.

Infinite recline position

Most of the baby swings offer 2-3 recline position. But 4moms mamaroo provide infinite recline position, means you can set any recline position according to the comfort level of your baby. More reclining positions are necessary, as every baby has a different comfort level. So to match the comfort level of your baby, you need more options.

Power source

Mamaroo comes with AC adapter, which increases its worth more. As with AC adapter feature, you can save a lot money in future. Because those baby swings which operate on batteries, costs more periodically. Because battery changing cost is huge, and you have to keep on changing it. But mamaroo can save your batteries cost by operating on Ac adapter.

Mp3 plugin

There are very few baby swings in the market, which provide you mp3 plugin option and mamaroo is one of them. Because most of the baby swings only give you built in sounds. But with mp3 plugin option, you can play the songs of your own choice.

Compact design

This baby swing is very smartly designed that it will can easily fit in small space area. Otherwise, most of the baby swings have a huge base that you need a lot of space to place those of swings. This compact design is also one of those features which make mamaroo worth it.

Safety features

4moms mamaroo has 3-point harness safety belt. This safety belt can keep your baby safe from falling out. Even this belt will keep your baby in a comfortable position. This feature makes mamaroo safe baby swing.



4moms mamaRoo is very expensive baby swing. But you have to keep in mind that it is also the most advanced baby swing in the market. Its build quality and features are up to the mark. All of its special features are mentioned above. Some of its features are very unique and some are found in few swings only. So after seeing its features and build quality we can say that mamaRoo worth it. If you can afford it, then you should definitely go for it.

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