Do you have a newborn baby? But, can a newborn go in a swing to have some fun? A newborn baby spends most of his time either sleeping or crying. So whenever he/she cries, mother wants to sooth her baby. Parents usually sooth their babies by holding them in their arm. But parents can’t always hold them in their arms, because their arms also need some rest. At this moment, baby swing help them in soothing their babies.

Can a newborn go in a swing by ibestbabyswingAlthough baby swing is the best device to make babies calm, but what about the newborns? So the good news is, you can use baby swing for newborns as well. But you have to follow some safety guidelines while lying your baby in a swing.

These guidelines are mandatory. If you won’t follow the safety guidelines, then you may harm your baby. As there are no hard and fast rules for using a baby swing. But don’t forget to check the age limit and weight limit of a baby swing before using it.

Follow the following guidelines while lying your newborn in a swing:

  • Before he gets 4 months old, always use the most reclined position for your newborn infant. It is necessary to avoid the risk of slumping over.
  • Always use harness point safety for your newborn. It is also mandatory to keep your baby safe from falling out. It will also keep your baby in a proper and comfortable position.
  • Never fill up the swing with blankets and toys. Because they can cause suffocation, which can result in SIDS.
  • Never speed up the swing, always use the slow speed settings for your newborn. Speeding up the baby swing for a newborn can cause shaken baby syndrome.
  • Make sure that the baby swing you are going to buy is from the trustworthy brand. It must have followed the safety standards approved by AAP.
  • Remember, baby swing is just for soothing purpose, so never use it for sleeping purpose. Never use it for more than 1 hour a day. 1 hour is the maximum limit which you shouldn’t exceed.
  • As newborns are very prone to dust, which can infect them as they have very weak immune system. That’s why it is necessary to keep the baby swing clean. So for the health of your newborn, you have to keep the baby swing clean.


Yes your newborn can go in a swing. But you have to be extra careful while using a baby swing for your newborn. We have mentioned some guidelines. By following those above mentioned guidelines, you can use baby swing for your newborn.

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