If your 4moms mamaroo is making the squeaking noise, you are not the only person in this world. A lot of people have a complaint about it. You don’t need to worry anymore because we have got a simple solution for you that can help you get rid of this annoying squeaking sound.

Why is my mamaroo squeaking

4moms mamaroo is the most expensive and advanced baby swing than its competitor swings. After spending a lot of dollars, people expect the swing to be quiet and peaceful so that their baby can enjoy the best moments of their life in it. However, if the swing starts making annoying noise, this can be a frustrating situation for parents and babies. Let’s discuss why this problem occurs and how to solve it.

Why does mamaroo make a squeaking noise?

  • When the swing goes up and down, it makes noise during the movements. The major reason for this annoying loud noise is the plastic and metal bolt inside the swing. It happens due to friction when two substances rub against each other. In the case of the mamaroo, the annoying sound can come from the joints where the bolts are holding them in place. You may find them completely dry. A simple lubricant oil can fix this problem.
  • When the baby is heavier than the swing’s limit, it can be the reason for loud squeaking noise. Remember that mamaroo can only hold up to 25 lbs of weight. If your baby is heavier than 25 lbs, mamaroo is not suitable for them; then you should go for a bigger swing.

How to fix squeaking?

Reduce plastic and metal friction

You can easily fix it with any lubricant oil. To apply it, first of all, disassemble the swing.

Disassembly process:

1. Remove the cord.

2. Then remove the hanging mobile balls. Turn it around and then pull straight up.

remove overhead mobile


3. Now simply remove the fabric seat cover. Just hold the cover from the side and unzip it. If the safety straps are attached to it, simply push them off.

4. Now remove the sidebars of the swing. To remove them, simply insert the aux cord into the holes to push the pins. Aux cord comes with a mamaroo, but you can also insert any small object like a screwdriver if you don’t have one.

remove side bars


5. Now remove the white plastic head on the U-shaped bar. Insert any pointy metal object or aux cord inside the buttonhole to remove it.

remove white plastic head


6. Find a black cap on one side of the mamaroo, which you use to adjust the reclining position of the seat. Just pull it upward, and then remove the U-shaped bar.

pull black cap


7. Remove all the screws from the bottom of the swing.

remove all screws from bottom


8. Now remove all the screws from the base of the baby swing.

remove all screws from base


9. Once you remove it, you will see a white color cover; pop this out.


Put Lubricant oil

1. Find all the joints, as shown in the picture. You may find them dry, so you have to lubricate them to bring back the moisture. It will help make smooth movements of swing.

put lubricant oil at these spots to reduce mamaroo squeaking

2. Put lubricant oil between bolt and plastic area of all joints.

3. That’s it. Just assemble the swing back. We hope the squeaking problem is resolved now.

If the baby is overweight

If overweight is causing the problem, you can check by simply removing your baby off the swing and then turning on the swinging motions. If the mamaroo is still making a squeaking noise, it means the weight is not the problem, and if it stops making a squeaking noise, it means overweight was causing the problem. In this case, there is no solution to the problem; you should go for a bigger swing with more weight limits.

If your baby is under 25 pounds and the swing is squeaking due to weight. Ensure there is equal weight distribution in the swing. Your baby must be perfectly lying in a proper position in the swing. They shouldn’t be putting all their weight on one side.


The major cause of squeaking sound is friction because the joints become dry with time, and you need to moisturize them with any lubricant oil. Sometimes a weird sound is produced when you exceed the weight limit. That’s why make sure your baby is under 25 lbs. The joints should not be dry. We hope this process has helped you solve the squeaking issue. If you still face any problems or have any queries, feel free to ask us in the comment section.


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