Are you looking for baby swing safety guidelines? Here we’ll give you detailed expert guidelines for using a baby swing. By following these guidelines you can use baby swing safely for your baby. No doubt baby swing is one of the mostly used device by parents for soothing their babies. As a baby swing helps to calm the crying baby.

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The most important thing which matters the most here is the safety of baby. If you’ll use baby swing carelessly then can harm your little one. That’s why it’s necessary to follow the baby swing safety guidelines given the experts. If you’ll follow these safety guidelines then you don’t need to worry about the safety of your baby. These guidelines are enough to make sure the safety of your baby.

Here are some safety guidelines while buying a baby swing

  • Make sure that swing you are going to buy is manufactured by a good brand. A good brand can minimize the risk, as they mostly follow the safety standards that are required in a good and safe baby swing. Examples of good baby swing brands are Graco, 4moms mamaroo, Fisher-price, and Ingenuity.
  • Baby swing must have harness point safety i.e. 3 point harness or 5 point harness. Harness point safety not only keep the baby secure from falling out but also keeps him in a comfortable position.
  • Baby swing must have reclining seat option. As AAP recommends to buy a swing that must have seat reclining option. Because it is mandatory to keep the baby swing in a reclined position, as it ensures the constant support to baby’s head. It is necessary for the safety of a baby.
  • Always check the weight limit of a baby swing and match it with the weight of your baby. Weight limit is mentioned on the description of baby swing. It is mentioned as a minimum and maximum weight limit. Make sure your baby’s weight lies within that limit. Otherwise it can be dangerous for your baby. If you have a bigger baby, then buy a swing that is suitable for bigger babies.
  • It’s better if you’ll select a swing with a wide and strong base. It shouldn’t be easily foldable. However if you have to make an effort while folding it, then it’s not a problem.
  • Check the toys attached on the top of baby swing, make sure they are firmly attached to it. If they are easily removable then they can cause a problem.

Baby swing safety guidelines while using it

  • Baby swings have different speed levels. It’s better to start with the lowest speed settings, then increase it gradually to meet the comfort level of your baby. It’s better to never set the highest speed setting.
Do you know! what should be the speed of baby swing while swinging?
  • According to expert’s recommendation, the baby’s time in a swing shouldn’t be more than 1 hour a day. Otherwise it will make him dizzy and also will become hurdle in the development of his motor skills.
  • Once the baby starts to roll over or starts to sit up on his own, then don’t offer him a baby swing. Because he will try to climb out the swing and make himself injured.
  • Whenever your baby is swinging in the swing, then always keep your eyes on him. Never leave your baby alone in the swing. Even if you want to do daily chores, then keep your baby swing along with you.
  • Always place the baby swing on the floor. Avoid placing it on the higher surfaces like table.
  • Different soothing motions of a baby swing can make baby fall asleep in the swing. But make sure to let him sleep in the swing. As baby swing doesn’t have flat seat like baby crib. Once he falls asleep, bring him out of them swing and lie him on a flatter surface like baby mattress.
  • Always use shoulder straps, while your baby is swinging in the swing. Some baby swings have 5 point harness safety while some have 3 point harness safety. Use these safety belts to keep your baby safe in the swing.
  • Always use reclined position for the swing’s seat to give support to the baby’s head. If the baby is younger than 4 months, then make sure to adjust the seat in the maximum reclined position.


Are swings safe for babies?

Baby swings are safe for babies, if they are used by following the guidelines. Baby swings are meant for soothing purpose only. You can soothe your babies in a swing but don’t let him sleep in a swing. Never use baby swing more than 1 hour a day. Always use shoulder straps. For more information scroll up the page. By following these guidelines, baby swings are safe for babies.

When should a baby stop using a swing?

Mostly baby swings have weight limit of 25 pounds while some baby swings can hold 30 pounds easily. So once your baby reaches the weight limit or starts to sit up on his own, then he shouldn’t use baby swing anymore.


Safety guidelines are necessary while buying the swing or even while using it. By following the safety guidelines you’ll not only buy a perfect and safe baby swing but also can soothe your baby safely in a swing. Make sure to read and follow the above mentioned baby swing safety guidelines to keep your little one happy during his/her infant-hood journey.

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