Are you thinking to buy 4moms mamaroo swing? But, is 4moms safe for newborns? 4moms mamaroo stands among the most expensive baby swings in market right now. Reasons for charging high price their superior quality and advanced features. So before spending huge amount on 4moms mamaroo, you might have thought that, is 4moms safe for your newborn?

Is 4moms safe for newborns by ibestbabyswing.comTo be honest, after analyzing various swings in market, we can say that 4moms mamaroo stands among the safest baby swings in market. It is even safe for your newborn baby. It gives proper feel of mother’s arms. Because it moves like mom swing her baby in her arms. It can copy 5 different motions of a mother. So baby feels completely safe in this swing. Though mamroo is so expensive, but its quality and advanced features make mamaroo worth it.

Features that Make 4moms mamaRoo Safe for Newborns


They have smartly designed it. That a newborn baby feels completely safe in it. It has a big and comfortable swing’s seat. Superior quality material is used in it. It doesn’t even fold up. As a swing which can fold up easily is not safe for newborns. AAP recommends to get a swing for newborn, which doesn’t foldup easily. So its design is completely safe for newborn.

Reclining seat

4moms seat recline

It is recommended to use the most reclined position for all the infants under 4 months. 4moms mamaroo allows you set any desirable recline position of swing’s seat. It is necessary, because recline position makes it easier for infant to breath while swinging. So reclining adjustability makes 4moms safe for newborns.

Safety belts

4moms safety belts

Safety belts are necessary for the safety of baby. 4moms mamaroo has used 3 point harness safety in their swing. This 3 point harness safety not only keep the baby safe while swinging, but also keep him in a proper and comfortable position. Without safety belts, your newborn can fall out of swing. But safety belts eliminate that risk.

As for a baby under 4 months, it is necessary to recline the seat. So without safety belts, baby can easily fall out. That’s why safety belts are mandatory. So safety belt feature makes 4moms safe for newborns.

Toys are out of reach

toys overhead

For the safety of baby, it is necessary that either the toys should be out of reach or should be firmly connected. They shouldn’t be able to pull off easily. 4moms have smarty adjust the toys at a fair distance. They will only engage the baby. But baby can’t reach those toys overhead. Even those toys are detachable, so if you don’t want those toys, you can remove them as well.


Safety tip for parents

If your baby falls asleep in a swing while swinging. Then it’s recommended to bring your baby out of the swing and lie him on the bed. Because baby swing is not made for sleeping purpose. The only purpose of baby swing is to soothe your baby.


4moms mamaroo stands among the safest baby swings in market. The quality and the safety features which 4moms provide in this swing makes it safe for newborn. We can say that 4moms mamaroo is safe for newborns and you can definitely use it for your newborn baby.


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