If you are facing a problem connecting your 4moms mamaroo to the Bluetooth device, you are probably making some mistakes. We’ve noticed some common mistakes that people make and then feel frustrated when they fail to connect their mamaroo baby swing with the Bluetooth device.

Why is my mamaroo not connecting to Bluetooth

Sometimes, people follow the procedure correctly, still, fail to connect. However, in this scenario, some tricks work successfully. You don’t need to worry anymore, as we are going to discuss those common mistakes and troubleshooting techniques that may help you successfully connect your mamaroo swing with the Bluetooth-enabled device.

Reasons Why You Fail to Connect mamaRoo to Bluetooth

  • If you haven’t followed the procedure correctly, you may fail to connect. Kindly go through this step-by-step guide to connect mamaroo to Bluetooth and double-check you are not skipping any step.
  • After installing the app, when the application discovers the swing and asks you to press the music button on a swing for 5 seconds, you have to press the button for 5 seconds and then let it go. If you don’t press for 5 seconds or don’t let the button go after pressing it for 5 seconds, the swing won’t connect.
  • When you try to connect from a huge distance, you’ll definitely fail to connect. Remember, you are connecting via Bluetooth, so you have to stay within a range of a few feet.
  • If the mamaroo is not turned on, it won’t connect. Ensure to turn it on.
  • Since all the products of mamaroo work from the same application, they can cause a problem if they are also near you. If you have other products of mamaroo as well, make sure to turn them off.

Some tricks can help you

If you haven’t made any mistake, then either your Bluetooth device or the mamaroo is causing the problem. You need to apply the following tricks in this case. These tricks may help you connect mamaroo to Bluetooth.

  1. Sometimes restarting the device fixes the problem. Try unplugging and plugging the mamaroo.
  2. It’s not always that your baby swing is causing the problem. Sometimes the bug can be in your Bluetooth device like your smartphone. To fix your phone’s Bluetooth, kindly go through the following procedure:
  • Go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings and make sure it is visible to other devices.
  • Then go to your phone’s settings
  • Open apps
  • Click on triple dots on the top right corner
  • Select system apps
  • Open Bluetooth
  • Click on force stop and then go to storage usage
  • Clear cache and clear data.
  • Then restart your phone.
  • After this, try reconnecting your phone with mamaroo following the step-by-step guide.


We hope this article was helpful for you in solving the connectivity problem of your mamaroo baby swing with the Bluetooth device. Most of the time, the mistake is from our end, and sometimes devices cause the problem. That’s why first go through the common mistakes and then try the tricks mentioned above. They will definitely help you in connecting the mamaroo to the Bluetooth. If your problem is solved or you want to ask anything about it, feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section. We’ll be happy to assist you.



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