4moms mamaroo is probably one of the most famous baby swings, but it makes us frustrated when it keeps stopping. Mamaroo keeps stopping due to many reasons, but you can easily troubleshoot the problem by following the guidelines discussed in this article. If your mamaroo is also making this problem, don’t worry as you are not the only person facing this problem. A lot of people address this problem, but the good news is you can easily fix it with simple solutions.

why does my 4moms mamaroo keep stopping

You may notice the following signs when your mamaroo stops working:

  • The unit may display the obstruction error
  • Mamaroo’s LCD screen may start flashing
  • Sparking sound
  • Swing is powered on but not moving

All these problems can be solved with simple solutions, just follow the guide and see your mamaroo work again.

How to resolve obstruction error?

  • Sometimes electrical sockets cause this problem. If this is the reason, you simply check it by plugging the mamaroo in different sockets. Sometimes problem gets solved with this simple solution.
  • If your baby weighs over 25 pounds, it can also be the reason for obstruction error. Keep in mind this swing can maximum bear 25 lbs. of weight. If your baby weighs more than that, don’t use mamaroo anymore; better introduce them to heavy-duty outdoor swings.
  • 3rd solution is a bit complicated, so only try it if you have any experience fixing the gadgets. Moreover, it will also negate the warranty. If your mamaroo is in warranty, better contact the 4moms customer service, and ask them to resolve this issue. If your mamaroo is out of warranty, you can go for this solution. First of all, disassemble the mamaroo. Now remove all the screws from the bottom area. Remove all the screws from the base area. After this, you will see a white color cover; just pop it out. Find white color sensors inside the motor section, as shown in this picture. Bring out the sensors by removing the surrounding screws. Then gently wipe the sensors. Then put them back.

clean white sensors of mamaroo

Fix the flashing LCD

This issue also causes the mamaroo to stop moving. If something like a penny, a puzzle piece, or anything blocks the movement of the swing, the screen may start flashing. Just clear the obstructions and play the swing.

If you notice a sparking sound

The spark you notice at the time you plug in the mamaroo’s cord into the electrical socket or when you connect the power cord into the mamaroo is normal. It happens due to the capacitors inside the swing. This is not something to worry about. However, if you notice the continuous spark after some time, it is not normal. In this case, the mamaroo may stop moving, and it can also get damaged, so you should plug the swing into another socket and call the electrician to examine the faulty socket.

Mamaroo is powered on but not moving

If your swing is powered on but still not moving. It doesn’t have an obstruction error, or you don’t even notice the spark. It is still not moving, but why? Well, it can happen if you are not using the original power cord that came with the mamaroo. Using a random power cord may power on the swing but may not help the mamaroo perform its operations. That’s why always use the original cord. If the cable is lost or damaged, contact mamaroo to get the original cable.


Everybody hates when their expensive product stops working. The same is the case with mamaroo as it is one of the most expensive baby swings. Many people complain that their 4moms mamaroo keeps stopping, which is definitely a frustrating situation. Most of the time, this problem can be resolved with simple solutions. We have mentioned all the possible signs that you will notice when the mamaroo stops moving. That’s why read the entire article; it will help you understand and resolve the possible problem in your mamaroo.

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