Most parents ask, when to stop using baby swing? No doubt baby swing is the best partner of a baby, but it doesn’t stays forever. A time comes when you have to keep it away from your baby. Baby swings are the perfect devices to relax and soothe your baby in the swing with traditional swing options. But there is an age and weight limit for all the babies to use the swing.

When to stop using baby swing by ibestbabyswing.comTry to focus on all the safety tips while using the baby swing. Sometimes people use the baby swing too much and rely on it for maximum time.  This is not good for baby’s health. You need to stop using the baby swing at a specific time and at a specific age and weight limit. Let’s see the different scenarios when the parents need to stop using the baby swing.

Different Scenarios in Which Baby Has to Stop Using Baby Swing

1. When your baby falls asleep

baby sleeping in swing

Sometimes baby falls asleep in the swing with soothing motions. The sleeping of the baby inside the swing is not dangerous but the timing of the sleep in swing is important. Don’t use the swing too much for the baby’s sleep and try to stop the swing motion when the baby falls to sleep. The more motion during the swing sleep can cause sudden infant death syndrome. So take care of your baby, and lie him on the flat surface like baby mattress.

2. After 30 minutes

Whenever you put your baby in the swing try to note down the timing. Make sure to not put your baby in a swing for more than 30 mins. You can use the swing in two-time intervals depending upon your baby’s mood. You can use the swing for a half-hour first and then after some time you can again use the swing for a half-hour.

The extended duration of the baby swing can cause your baby to get dizzy. Make sure to not let your baby spend time in a swing more than 1 hour a day. Because it will become hurdle in the development of his motor skills. The more time he’ll spend in a swing, then less time he’ll have to develop his motor skills. So make sure to stop using baby swing for your baby after some time.

3. When baby exceeds the weight limit

When baby exceeds the weight limit

This is the time when you need to stop using the swing permanently for your baby. Maximum swings have a weight limit of 25 pounds. When we talk about the weight limit of a baby swing. 50% of boys almost reach this weight limit at the age of 16 months. 50% of girls reach this weight limit in 20 months. Whatever the age of your baby is, make sure to not exceed it from the swing’s weight limit.

4. When your baby starts to climb

baby starts to climb out the swingSometimes the baby can’t reach the weight limit but he is able to climb up the swing. This is very dangerous for any baby and can cause any kind of injury. Sometimes the babies at the age 12 months start to climb out the swings. For the safety of your baby, you have to keep the swing away from your baby.

In such cases sometimes people try to use the harness positions to make some difference. But make sure to not use your swing in this case even with the harness positions as well. So the better option is to stop using the baby swing when your baby is able to climb out the swing.


From all the above discussion we can conclude that the baby swing is a good device for your baby. But there is a time when you need to stop using the baby swing to prevent any kind of risk. So make sure to stop using the baby swing when your baby matches with any of the above mentioned scenario.


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