If you have no idea how to connect your 4moms mamaroo swing to the Bluetooth, this article will help you connect your phone to the swing. This article contains a step-by-step guide along with screenshots to help both android and iPhone users connect their phones with this swing.

how to connect 4moms mamaroo to bluetooth

Bluetooth feature has made it really convenient for people to control all swing’s features using their smartphone-enabled device like a smartphone. You can control swing movement, music, swinging speed. This feature will work on both an iPhone and the android smartphone. We suggest you go through each step and follow the instructions simultaneously. If you missed any of the steps, you might have difficulty connecting your Bluetooth device with the swing.

First of all, you have to install the mamaroo application on your smartphone. The application is available on both Apple’s IOS and Android’s Playstore.

If you are an iPhone user, kindly go through the following procedure:

1- Go to your phone’s app store.

2- Search “4moms app” in the search bar.

search for 4moms app ios

3- There is only 4moms app in the app store. That’s why you won’t have any problem finding the correct app. You can also match the application’s icon with this screenshot.

4- Click on the Get button. After installation, open the application.

5- The application will grant permission to use Bluetooth. Click “ok”

allow bluetooth connection on ios to connect its bluetooth with 4moms mamaroo

6- Now you have to sign up using your details like email, password, first name, last name, and date of birth. After filling up the details, press the “create account” button.

fill the details ios

7- Now the app will show you different mamaroo products like swing, bassinet, and tub. Here you have to select your product, the mamaroo infant seat.

Select Mamaroo Infant Seat option

8- Now click “connect.”

select connect ios

9- Now the application will give you an optional form where you can register the optional product. You can press the skip button if you don’t want to add any.

10- Now the application will try to find the nearest mamaroo device. Ensure your mamaroo is turned on.

11- Once the application finds your mamaroo, it will show that the mamaroo is found. Now you have to pair the swing with your iPhone.

12- Hold the music button on the swing for 5 seconds, and then let it go. Remember, ” if you don’t leave the button and keep the button pressed, it will not connect. After pressing it for five seconds, you have to let it go.

hold the music button for 5 seconds to connect 4moms mamaroo to bluetooth

13- After that, the app will show the word “success.” It means your device is successfully paired with mamaroo. Now you can control all the features of a swing using your phone.

If you are an android user, the following procedure will help connect 4moms mamaroo to Bluetooth

1- Open the play store on your android phone

2- Search the keyword “4moms” on the search bar

3- Open the application with the 4moms icon, as shown in this picture. Click on the install button.

install 4moms app android

4- After installation, open the application and click on the signup button.

5- Now fill up the information like your email, password, first name, last name, and date of birth. Click on the “create account” icon.

fill information on 4moms app android

6- Now click on the go-to-app button and select your product, mamaroo swing.

select mamaroo option android

7- Press the “connect” button on the icon.

8- The application will take a few seconds to find the nearby mamaroo device. Make sure the swing is turned on. After a few seconds, the app will show “found.”

9- Now you have to pair your android phone with the mamaroo. So hold the music button on the swing for 5 seconds and then leave the button. The application will show “pairing in progress” and then “success.”

4moms application features

You can control swinging motions like a car ride, kangaroo, rock-a-bye, tree swing, and wave motions from this section highlighted in this image.

Motions & Speed Controls.

As shown in the image, you can control the swinging speed from this button.

The sounds section lets you play the built-in sounds in the swing like rain, fan, and ocean. You can adjust the volume from the bar given below.

music and volume controls


We hope this article helped connect your 4moms Mamaroo to Bluetooth. When people miss any of the required steps, they face difficulty connecting their phones with this swing. However, the process is straightforward; you just have to follow the guidelines. We have tried to simply the method by explaining it step-by-step. If you still face any problems, please tell us your problem in the comment section.


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