Do you know! How to buy a baby swing? A baby swing is a best partner of baby and his parents. Because when parents get tired after swinging their baby in their arms, then only baby swing can take the place of parents. Baby swing moves in different motions to soothe baby. Baby swing mimics different motions of the parents. So that baby feels safe and comfortable swinging in a baby swing.

How to buy a baby swing by ibestbabyswingAfter you have made a mind to buy a baby swing for your little baby. Then buying a baby swing can be a little tricky part. Because you have to choose a perfect baby swing, that is suitable for your baby. But you don’t need to worry about it. Because we have got your back here. We’ll explain every factor that is necessary to keep in mind while buying a baby swing. So just follow the mentioned below factors and then you’ll never regret upon your decision.

Factors to keep in mind while buying a baby swing

1. Budget

Budget is the first factor that you should consider, if you want to buy a baby swing. Because price of baby swings can be varied from $73 to $250, depending upon the brand, quality and features. So make up your mind first that either you should go for expensive baby swings or cheap baby swings. All kind of baby swings can soothe your baby, however they will differ from one another based upon quality and features.

2. Brand

Then always look for good and trustworthy branded swings, so that you don’t have to regret later. Because inferior brands can me you regret later. Nowadays Graco, Fisher-price, 4moms, and Ingenuity stand among the famous and trustworthy brands in market.

3. Weight limit

Then look for the weight limit of baby swing. Usually baby swings offer the maximum weight limit of 20 to 30 lbs. So look at the weight limit of swing and then match it with your baby’s weight. As it is necessary for the safety of baby. If you have a bigger baby, then go for baby swings for bigger babies. If you don’t have a bigger baby then you can choose any baby swing you like.

4. Power source

Power source is important factor, if you are thinking to buy a baby swing. Some baby swing can operate on batteries only while some can be operated with Ac power adapter/plugin. There are also some baby swings which offer dual power options, means they can be operated with both batteries and Ac adapter.

So here you have to choose the suitable option for you. Batteries provide convenience, as you can easily take those baby swings wherever you want. But they can cost you a lot more, as you have to change their batteries periodically. Plugin baby swings can be very cost effective as you don’t have to change batteries. But you can’t take them wherever you want, as there must be a socket switch to operate this swing.

If you can afford then you can choose dual powered baby swings, so you can get advantage of both features.

5. Comfort

Then look for the comfort level of swing. As recline position and cushioning of seat plays the major role in comfort level of baby swing. Seat should be really comfortable, that your baby can lay comfortably in a swing. Some baby swings offer 2 recline positions, while some offer 3 point recline positions.

Even there are some baby swings like mamaroo which offer infinite recline position. Remember, more recline position means, you have extra option to match the comfort level of your baby. As every baby has his own comfort level. So you have to set the suitable recline position for your baby. If a baby swing is extremely comfortable, then you should definitely buy such baby swing.

6. Safety

Safety is the most important factor that you must consider while buying a baby swing. As it is for the protection of your baby. So look for the safety belts. Some baby swings contain 3-point harness safety belts while some contains 5-point harness safety belts. These safety belts protect your baby from falling out of the swing and also keep him in proper and comfortable position.

Also make sure that swing you are going to buy hasn’t recalled by CPSC. Because CPSC has declared those swings unsafe. So if they have declared a baby swing unsafe, then don’t buy such baby swing. Also make sure that toys of baby swing should be firmly connected, as loosely connected toys can be dangerous for your baby. Because your baby can easily pull them off and can put them in mouth.

7. Swinging motions and speed

Then look for the features like speed and swinging motions. Mostly baby swing offers 5-6 different speed levels, so you can adjust according to mood of your baby. Some baby swings offer 2 swinging motions while some offer 5 different swinging motions. So you have to see which one is suitable for you.

8. Additional Features

There are some additional features that baby swings contain, like music, toys and mp3 plugin option. There are also very few baby swings which gives Bluetooth feature. With Bluetooth feature, you can control baby swing with smartphone.

Those smartphone controllable swings are high in price but gives you extra comfort. With these feature, you can control all functions of baby swing, using your smartphone from a distance.

Where to buy baby swings?

You can easily buy them from market or from any trusted online store like amazon.


Baby swings are used to soothe little baby. Buying a baby swing can be little tricky, but all the above mentioned factors can help you to buy a baby swing. So before you go for buying a baby swing, make sure to follow all the above mentioned factors. Because they will help you in making a good and suitable purchase decision.

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